Water Purifier effectively solve the problem of watpollution

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   reported that the water appears red worms, it is not recently, a district of Shanghai residents have running water in the home and then found found red worms, the heat of summer, nearly 50 people only buy bottled water, life is very inconvenient . Bottled water is the key to the spate of problems makes a lot more worried about the residents. Shanghai Water Authority was informed that the relevant departments to promptly respond, has taken a number of measures to ensure that the public water worry-free.


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   the water there "red worm" is how is it? Yesterday City Investment des Eaux official said, "red worms" is a Diptera Chironomidae, is shaking form mosquito larvae growth stage, generally cylindrical worm-like, length ranging from 2-30 mm, 2 mm in diameter, red, people used to call "red worms." Secondary water supply tank, irrational pool structure, pool water circulation is insufficient, there is a dead zone pool, water tank for too long a residence time, residual chlorine in water is low, poor ventilation, high temperature, etc., are "red worms "provides a good living environment, leading to" bloodworms "breed. Prevent "red worms" lies in breeding strengthening secondary water supply facilities in all types of pools, water management, regular cleaning and disinfection of water tanks, "three holes" (manholes, vent, overflow hole) for proper protection can effectively prevent "bloodworms" breed.


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   Currently, the water sector has been the discovery of "red worms" tank full cleaning and disinfection, rinsing the relevant connecting line; cleaning underground tank and a water tank, connecting pipes also soak. At the same time increase the secondary water supply facilities routine inspection and maintenance. And by adjusting the water tank float valve, as far as possible to shorten the residence time of water in the underground tank and the tank. In fact, tap water found bloodworm, red and even yellow black water, tap water was wired and so the water pollution problems common in recent years, these problems can not be solved in a short time, so experts suggest the best way is to own installing a home water purifier, water purifier is the most secure and reliable drinking water equipment. Water appliances industry is currently one of the most development potential of the industry.


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   to deal with water pollution, the current situation is no better way than installing a home water purifier, according to incomplete statistics, the incidence of cancer in the world must most drinking water and there is a direct relationship, many people said that my family is very clean tap water, water purifiers do not, in fact,Disease over time is up, and so really found I got sick too late.

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