The benefits of wall-mounted ultrafiltration water purier ca

   In order to ensure the health of themselves and their families, more and more families ultrafiltration water purifier installed to ensure safe water for the family. Wall-mounted water purification ultrafiltration water purifier is the most popular consumer products, a class of water purification products. Next, the small series together and to understand the wall-mounted ultrafiltration water purifier.




the benefits of wall-mounted ultrafiltration water purifier careful to buy Mistakes (Photo from Internet)

   What is ultrafiltration water purifier

   UF water purifier, i.e., the device for purification of water. The difference with other devices that have ultrafiltration membrane. It is a consistent pore size, pore diameter in the range of 0.01-0.001 micron rated microporous filter membrane. Ultrafiltration membrane filtration method using a pressure difference as the driving force for ultrafiltration.

   wall-mounted ultrafiltration water purifier benefits

   1. After chlorine disinfection, can kill viruses, bacteria, can not solve the sediment, rust, heavy metals, volatile substances and bacteria " corpse "and other issues, so drinking water quality will not be fundamentally improved, but will also have serious physical health problems.

   2. The high cost of bottled water, with a large majority of the water purifier water or water machined, while the shelf-life time is short, in the open state, easily contaminated, and therefore is not an ideal solution.

   3. Bottled water daily water consumption, the cost is too high and is clean water, lack of trace elements and minerals on human health should not be poor effect.

   4. Water filter effectively separating and removing various types of contaminants, such as bacteria, chlorine, heavy metals, volatile substances, rust, sand and other impurities and harmful substances in the water, drinking water is the best families solution.

   wall ultrafiltration water purifier errors optional

   misunderstanding: better product filter

   not better filter. Four or five filter low-end products, are simple filter material, filter effective as a strong high-performance filter. Disposable filter is recommended to avoid secondary pollution.

   Myth: Look brand is not considered professional

   did you try to select the brand of professional water purification water purification equipment business, not just technology, guaranteed quality, will also provide a more professional service.

   Myth: Activated carbonFiltering technology obsolete

   Activated carbon adsorption is the nature of the best filtering material. Granular activated carbon, powdery carbon rods and three kinds, the first two low cost, but often do not completely filtered, which is safer choice, can be 100% complete filtration.

   Myth: The filter may not change for a long time

   clog the filter is a good filter. Market claims 3 to 5 years do not change, often exaggerated. Do not over-pursue low-cost, high price effect is better. In addition, life expectancy and high quality water filter net are better, prices are high.

   Read the above related presentations, we do not know for wall-mounted water purifier ultrafiltration no clearer understanding of it? Hopefully this article can help to you.

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