What happens long-term drinking unboiled water


   As we all know can not drink unboiled water, since one must observe occasional drink is not a belly discomfort, long-term drinking unboiled water then what will happen? Xiaobian a look at it.




was asked small series of long-term drinking unboiled water on the body harmful? The answer is yes, there are a large number of bacteria living in the water, without high temperature anti-virus people get diarrhea, severe case can cause intestinal diseases, so small series hope you try not to drink unboiled water, drink plenty of water. The following small series will tell you about what will happen long-term drinking unboiled water-related knowledge in this area.


long-term harmful drinking unboiled water is not in doubt, ranging from diarrhea, severe gastrointestinal illness occurs, there may be a more serious infection of some hepatitis and other viruses, so small series that we should not for their own physical health drink tap water.


In this increasingly competitive society of the times! Many people like to drink some unboiled water, however, they do not know, this can easily lead to stomach pain, formation of a variety of diseases! Therefore, to know some of the disadvantages of drinking unboiled water is particularly important!


1, the water contains a variety of viruses, such as: pesticides and the like! Some Yaonong spraying pesticides in the ground, after rain washed infiltration! Thus the formation of groundwater, drinking by people! So, over time on the formation of a serious illness!


2, the raw water containing a variety of bacteria! Such as: Escherichia coli, and so colonies! So often drink unboiled water will lead to rapid propagation of bacteria in vivo, and thus the formation of stomach pain, leading to a variety of diseases! So, try to drink unboiled water!


3, raw water contains many trace elements, even a lot of our body are not needed! There are a lot of things cause cancer! ! So, we have to drink unboiled water cautious! Away from the disease! ! To drink some water!


By introducing small series of long-term drinking unboiled water, everyone should know what the consequences would have it, then from now on we all do not drink unboiled water, in order to family and learn some more of their own health family drinking little knowledge is very necessary.




Editor: Zhu Wenpeng

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