The expansion of knowledge and throlof water purifier watpur

   water purifier for us is not new, in recent years, factory emissions, resulting in the use of car exhaust, pesticides and fertilizers, and so on water pollution, there has been the rise of the water purifier. Is seen most appliances sales, let us know the water purifier of this product, its real meaning we may not find that the health of our drinking water is helpful, but there are hazards, so we have to attract attention.

   water purifier brief:

   water purifier, we can also be called a filter, because the principle of his work is to filter principle, be achieved by blocking the water more accurate filtering accuracy by harmful substances, so that the health of the water out, water purification purposes achieved through multiple filtration.

   water purifier role:

   we often find that the sale of water purifiers sell when we say home water purifier water quality in line with drinking water standards, do not say what the standard is, our thinking why water quality standard, meaning that we can meet the standards of drinking water out after drinking can be healthy, then we can easily think of the role of water purifiers, water purification reached drinkable effect.

   water purifier expansion of knowledge:

   we usually say the pros and cons, advantages and so many things are harmful, a good grasp for the good, mishandled could become detrimental Lee. Why say, Take water purification, the water purifier filter are consumables that we need to know, pp cotton filter life is generally between 3-6 months and then, activated carbon filters will lose between 6 months the effect of disinfection, there are other filters, the use of a certain period of time will need to be replaced. If you do not replace the consequences might be drinking more than the absence of filtered water more detrimental to health. The above description is a kind of interception of the water purifier filter, although the water purifier has a backwash function, the intercept material recoil washed off, but over time, there is always harmful substances in the filter cover above, these harmful substances covered time a long time will produce viruses with the water out.

   a knowledge expansion: water purifier filter is not possible, for local water quality is most important, we have said and ultrafiltration water machine level, the main water machine RO reverse osmosis filter has membrane, an ultrafiltration membrane with a filter main machine, we can choose filter secondly, because primary filter heteroaryl water on demandMore typically choose a large mass was filtered accuracy pp cotton filter, water is generally required disinfection, activated carbon filters can be selected, we need to drink water, good taste, also may be selected coconut shell carbon filter cartridge called taste. Second, if the water hardness is relatively high local water, and the like may be selected resin filter, the number of water purification filters a standard generally between 5-7, not a lot of good and easy.

   expansion of knowledge II: water purifier not only we see a small home, in fact, there are large-scale commercial use of a hour to several tons of water, and can be used in the field of medical and other large mall and, at the same time some industrial water use is also possible to prepare the water principle is the same too, the system of water increased.

   expansion of knowledge III: under what circumstances need to change the filter, the water becomes less, is warning change the filter, the filter can change the filter of yellow. Because each familys drinking water is not the same, it is time to change the filter will be different, it will be free to observe, really do not worry if you can refer to the filter replacement cycle, replace the filter according to the above period.

   expansion of knowledge Four: How to avoid harm to water purifiers, water purifiers to avoid harm to the premise filter replacement at the right time, but also to understand the entire operation using the wrong water purification, ultrafiltration machine such as wastewater discharge , backwash water for use and the like.

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