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   After thirty years of development, with the water purification industry continues to mature, more and more investment capital influx which has also led to water purifier brand in an increasingly competitive industry becomes increasingly obvious drawbacks, making Arrested development industry, in this case, the water purifier business only constant innovation and change, a chance to turn the tables.




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   hindered the development of water purification industry

   water purification industry is a traditional industry, because of its low barriers to entry, start small capital projects, technical content less demanding, leading to small-scale and scattered, many and disorderly, resource utilization than low, configuration extremely unreasonable, the market has reached a state of oversupply. And, the development has mixed enterprises, the development of a lack of long-term planning, the lack of technical innovation, alone on business, fighting each other. Can not form scale advantages, a waste of valuable resources, is not conducive to the development of the industry. With the accelerated pace of development of water purification industry to make the competition between the industry has become increasingly fierce, which makes the pace of development has slowed, coupled with overcapacity more serious phenomenon, which requires the timely adjustment of the direction of the enterprise, the need industrial integration, innovation and then promote the sound development of water purification industry. Purifier companies need to focus on product innovation As the saying goes, "only novelty divergent, things will be viable," changes in the market environment today, the water purifier business in order to achieve a breakthrough on the need for reform, innovation . Specifically, the water purifier is to implement the companys most important product innovations to come. In the new round of information revolution through technological innovation, and constantly improve the technological content of water purification products, expanding the range of business services, improve service quality, in order to promote the continuous development and progress of the water purification industry.

   innovative marketing model, to diversify with the development of Internet and mobile Internet and other technologies, water purification industry to get a new room for improvement, water purifiers marketing model along with the changes, mainly in: First, the site represented by the rapid development of electronic business platform; second is the rise and development of micro-marketing representative microblogging, letters and other; the third is widely used in event marketing, entertainment marketing and other new marketing tools in the marketing of water purifier . This requires water purifier business diversification in marketing mode.In short, in the white-hot competition in the market, only water purifier companies actively make adjustments according to market demand, focus on product innovation, marketing models and so on, in order to achieve healthy and sustainable development.

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