Rural water purifier home appliance industry will bjoing thN

   With the rapid development of urbanization, the rural water purifier to join the Nuggets will be the land of home appliance industry. With the maturity of water purification industry in a water purifier, the popularity of second-tier cities matures, many water purifier manufacturers and agents franchisees are turning towns and rural markets. Because of considerable importance for the country in recent years, building a new countryside, many villagers began to move toward a well-off life, according to relevant statistics, rural water purifier market penetration rate of less than 5%, which means that the rural market will be the home appliance industry another new heights.


   First, lets look at the rural market, whether they have the ability to consume water purification products. Our 2009 statistics, Chinas per capita income of farmers exceeded 5,000 yuan mark; on the other hand, the influx of migrant workers return home to bring a new way of life; In addition, construction of rural infrastructure, such as roads, water, natural gas, and other Internet appliances laying and popularity as more species into the rural market to open up channels. Baima according to statistics in the market, my countrys primary and secondary market accounted for 32% of total demand for home appliances, and the remaining 68% of the demand for home appliances dispersed in the second and third lines, and the vast rural market has become the main driver of household appliances industry. We can be seen from the above statistics, the potential for rural water purifier market is still huge economic consumption necessary conditions have been met, the water purifier in the future will inevitably become many agents and manufacturers will compete in the rural market place.


   followed by water purifier in the countryside if you can sell it unimpeded? This is our proxy franchisees have been of concern to the problem, along with the development of water purification industry, a majority of the drinking water issue one consumer topic of discussion.

   Perhaps many water purification agents franchisee will ask, rural water purifiers to join to how to do it, how can we put it firmly in the rural market? This is actually a test agent franchisee selected brands and manufacturers has a great relationship, and franchisees to do the rural market so manufacturers or brand must be given appropriate support, the agent franchisee to open up the market to rural areas, water purifier companies will give proxy franchisee, leaflets, event tent , as well as support staff such as the corresponding marketing activities, but the most important thing is to protect their products, people are very focused on quality, we want to buy high-quality quality products.

   According to the introduction of more than two points and related data, we can see the countryside CityField already has a corresponding basis, as long as the agent franchisee good quality, and win the propaganda, really help people to solve problems, to protect the health of people drinking water is still very popular among the vast number of consumers welcome, in the future, rural net water is joining the Nuggets will be the land of home appliance industry.

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