Prior to joining agent water purifiewe should pay attention

   Now the water purifier market situation how do you say? It can be said that more than cohabitation, water purifier brand and competitive, so most part people want to join the agency to pick shades, would like to start water purification industry is not an simple things need careful consideration, but how can we join the water purification industry? Here is a small fresh water plus water purifier to take you look at



   1 capital issue

   now joined the agency brands, many brands will charge relatively joining fee for agents to join, but there are some brands do not charge a franchise fee, even if not to join the agency fees, we also need to rent stores, stores to be renovated, stores opened repairing products, etc., which we estimate funds should be carried out, so as not to late funding strand breaks.

   2, water purifier master knowledge

   as a water purifier to join the agents can not understand how knowledge of water purification products so ask the consumer to store the usefulness of the product, use the product, what is the function of the time, answer any of them, consumers see the sellers do not know the situation of the product, the product greatly reduce the natural confidence, loss of purchase the desire, the need to maintain the product after-sales service, but also a great need for knowledge of water purification products, able to deal with problems in the product.

   3, sales channels

   we joined the agency should set a good water purifier industry sales channels, products for which the crowd of online sales time to consider whether to open online sales channels, such product sales to open, can also be community outreach and other activities, will have more consumers know your product, know your product

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   4, the brand of choice

   water purifier to join the agency, brand choice is important for agents to join want to make money in the water purification industry, to choose a good brand, thenWhich water purification agents to join the brand is good? Such as fresh water plus water purifier brand, the Shenzhen Municipal Environmental Protection Equipment Co. plus fresh water brand is specialized in water purification industry in a business. There are many policies to support agents to join, like shop location, shop fitting, as well as personnel training and many other supportive policies, and add fresh water has its own research team, in order to protect the product more agents to join the market changes, or move faster to seize the market.

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