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   Today, after 80, 90 become the new home of the hostess, cooking does not become poor less common problem faced by housewives. Therefore, to simplify the cooking program smart kitchen electric products become "just be" more and more young consumers. Following the smart TV, smart refrigerator, smart washing machines, recently, the kitchen area start another intelligent boom. With the improvement of peoples living standards, the demand for high-end products increased significantly. Kitchen electric products toward the intelligent, high-end development direction, in line with the current mainstream home appliance industry trends, but also should be required to market. However, due to the current definition of the industry is not yet clear intelligence, a lot of kitchen electric products are using "smart" that thing, "really smart", "pseudo-smart" is difficult to define a time. In my opinion, no matter how much additional intelligent features and technology, after all, or to return to the essential function of the product - convenient life, the liberation of time to enjoy the high quality of life, is the fundamental significance of intelligence. When major manufacturers expand encryption, identification, Internet and other functions in the smart kitchen electric products, we must not forget their "job." Only let smart technology becomes simple and enjoy cooking thing, consumers are willing to pay for other additional features. How much // ice cream machine manufacturer, Guangzhou ice cream vendor, ice cream machine a




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