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  What is self-charging drinking fountains? 2019-4-22 16:51:08

With the improvement of living conditions and raise awareness of health, clean drinking water, more and more people; With the improvement of social management and speed up the pace of life, to save water resources, water consumption, ease of management fees, fee-based self-service applications are drinking more and more common. So what is self-charging style drinking it?


Self-Pay drinking fountains Overview


1. What is self-charged water dispenser?


is self-charged water dispenser on the basis of the original dispenser, and increasing the water metering system from automatic charging. Water consumption is a self-service terminal device.


2, self-free drinking fountains charge


There are on the market a variety of self-charge water dispenser, water from the use points, fee-buffet bottled water dispenser, self fee-pure water machines and self-service fee-based pipeline machine. Points from the charge technique is used, there is a coin-operated dispenser charges, fees self contactless IC card dispenser and sensor IC card dispenser self charge. From the technical points water metering, metering time and the flow rate water dispenser buffet charges charged pure water metering buffet. There are some other classification, this will not see them here.


3, the working principle of self-charging style drinking fountains


Self-fee-drinking water consumption is confirmation of payment by a specific automatic toll collection system, and then to the water fountain is controlled, the purpose of payment of consumption.


A, coin-operated dispenser works:


is a coin-operated dispenser built coin dispenser management apparatus. Its working principle is: the slot management apparatus preestablished monovalent drinking water consumption, the consumer will be invested bills or coins within the coin inlet, coin recognition processing system. When put into the money consumption reaches a preset price, it allows drinking water supply appropriate capacity.


B, contactless IC card dispenser works


contact IC card dispenser is a built-in contactless IC card reading and writing apparatus of the dispenser. Consumers in the water before consumption, we must first recharge the card, when consumed in drinking water, the cardAfter the card is inserted into the IC card reader, a reader means sufficient to confirm the deposit amount in the card, allowing the operation and deduct the water consumption of the amount of consumption in the IC card.


C, the working principle of the IC card dispenser


IC card dispenser working principle is similar to the contactless IC card dispenser, with the contactless IC card dispenser the main difference is: IC card water machine is used non-contact IC card, the use of radio frequency manner the amount of consumption in the IC card and confirm the charge operation for consumption.




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