Small family household water purification installion locops

  Small family household water purification installation location options Author: Tim net water purification Views: 948 Date: 2014-5-29 13:57:22 In recent years, more and more attention to health, to ensure the drinking water problem families many customers choose to buy water purifiers, water purifiers to help families deal with health problems of drinking water. But Tim net water purifier encountered a problem most consumers ask at the time of sale is the customer in the purchase of a water purifier installed I do not know what the right position, to let more people understand, Tim net water purifier today come to you a brief program of small units of household water purifiers installation location of your choice. Small family household water purification installation location options as follows: kitchen household water purifiers installed in the kitchen is the most common installation scenarios, the best position is the cabinet below the kitchen, but the point to note is that the position of the household net water trap dimensions have certain requirements. If, as some large-scale equipment, in size may not meet. In addition, the installation of Shihai need to consider the issue of water pipes, sewage pipes and other strike. If the device between family able to do so, can be installed in the household water purification equipment room, the space between the device is relatively large, consider installing a large quantity of water equipment to meet the water needs of the family. Positioning during installation is to be noted, in particular, whether the home water purifier mounted around power, floor drain, attention to the pipeline. Toilet water For convenience, many users prefer to install a water point near the horizontal, then can choose to install in the bathroom may be selected wall-mounted water purification, both for the convenience without affecting the appearance. Tim net water purifier that fact home water purifier installation location is not fixed selected, the user can choose a different location according to the specific situation at home, if you do not know how to choose the installation location, then no need to worry, Tim net water purifier has a professional the project team, prior to installation, to locate the users home, user-friendly household water. If you have doubts, you can contact directly Tim net water purification, water purification Tim will net you belong configured to install your own program!

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