Single and dual water purifier watpurifiin the endhich is go

   Because the double water purifier installation is very convenient, good purification effect, become a hot pet of many families, water purification equipment is very suitable for home use. However, home water purifier in the end is good or dual outlet single outlet is good, what is the difference between the two?


   difference between household water purifiers water and double single effluent

   [123 ] 1. effluent

   bis household water purifier has two tap water, a clean water faucet, and the other a water faucet. The single water home water purifier is only one exit water, or a water purifier or a purified water.

   2. Filter

   bis household water purifier must contain two cartridges, it is a membrane filter, and the other is RO reverse osmosis membrane filter, and not a single effluent as ultrafiltration water purifier no RO reverse osmosis membrane filter.

   home water purifier products are double or single effluent water good good

鍑€姘村櫒 actually double the water purifier without the use of clean water is the single water, which is double the water actually does include a single water features, the addition of a water purification function. The dual benefits of the water is when the vegetables, cooking time required large amounts of water with water does not need to wait for the water off than health, so under the same filter water than the single case of two water expensive.

   In fact, his is the best suitable. This does not exist better or bad, the key is the user should install the appropriate type according to their real needs, you demand what to buy, such as less water at home, drink, cook with pure enough, a single outlet on the line, after all, would a little cheaper. What if vegetables, cooking more water, do not want to wait, you can choose dual water purifier.

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