Water purifier manufacturs seize the ral market, net of thsp

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In recent years, the rapid development of the rural economy, living standards continue to improve, at the same time, the concept of consumption of rural residents are gradually changing, more and more rural residents have the "home city" concept into the countryside. Rural water purification industry will no longer be of Silent Hill, made for water purifier manufacturers to explore new territory market. However, although the rural market for water purifier manufacturers in terms of a huge piece of "fat", but to eat a good, water purifier manufacturers have to do more homework in order to capture the market lead. Then the net of the spring water purifier is how to do your homework seize the rural market?

   First, net of the spring with modular marketing model

   now, a single water purifier products attractive to consumers is not enough, the overall home appearance, brought convenience to consumers, in addition to marketing the combined water purifier manufacturers, distributors and partners is a sustainable mode of operation, such as cabinets, bathroom, water purifier and so are the related industries.

   Secondly, net of the spring water purifier research and development for rural water purification products

   For the second point it can be described as everything, first net of the spring in the technical aspects to be improved, some of the difference between tap water and groundwater, thus successfully developed self-priming water machine; secondly end in terms of price positioning, taking into account the different rural and urban consumer attitudes, the price is too high is not conducive to sales.

   again, net of the spring to do creative promotion in the rural market

   is a relatively common promotional activities to promote sales model, but if done incorrectly, brand image will play the opposite effect. So be creative promotional activities, and loved, such as the purchase net of the spring water purifier send coupons, small appliances.

   Fourth, net of the spring to promote the appropriate use of network marketing

   To date, the number of Chinese Internet users has reached 600 million Internet users in rural areas is also increasing year by year, manufacturers can just as water purifiers franchisee to provide adequate support to promote the network, with 360, Baidu, Sina, Sohu, 58 city, go to the market and other advantages of media platforms cooperation, build brand, the franchisee network to develop potential markets, and tap the potential users of the network.

   Finally, net of the spring water purifier thirty-four accelerate channel development

   "channel is king" is the end-market sales remain constant truth, for which net of the spring water purifier for the rural marketField started the "Town and shops" program, through free shop prototype, the manufacturer responsible for publicity, manufacturers responsible for helping to install a series of policies to attract entrepreneurs zero threshold 34 markets joined in, along with three or four markets channel construction and constantly improve the competitiveness net of the spring water purifier in the rural market has improved tremendously.

   In summary, with the rapid development of rural economy and the continuous expansion of the water purifier market, the rural water purifier companies will become major battleground. Water purifier manufacturers in order to open up the rural market from smooth sailing, we must first do your homework, only well prepared, can we win this battle for market share.

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