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  Simple four-step, teach you to quickly buy a water purifier for your home Author: Tim net water purification Views: 334 Published: 2018-11-2 17:10:48 water purifier as green appliances gradually into the our daily life, can face thousands flooded the market water purifier brand, water purifier for the "outsider" is, how to choose a suitable water purifier has become a problem. Today, small series to analyze one by one doorway to buy water purifier, water purification machines help you successfully promoted the ranks of "expert." First: select the model of a vast area in accordance with their own water quality, water quality quite different. For areas with good quality, you can choose filtration precision of 0.01 micron ultrafiltration water purifier. Usually ultrafiltration water purifier can remove sediment, rust and other large particulate matter, and for hard water, pollution is more serious, higher precision filtration should buy water purifier. For example, a reverse osmosis purifier, 0.0001 micron filtering accuracy, can effectively remove bacteria, chlorine, heavy metals and other harmful organic substances, water taste better. Second: Use selected according to the needs of the home water purifier market a wide range of styles, dazzling, dizzying. Do not worry, Xiao Bian help you smoothed out new ideas. Under normal circumstances, from home use scene points, mainly for the kitchen, living room, bedroom or study. In the kitchen, try to use a large flux, small volume, intelligent water purifier. Third: service selection based on product widely believed, is a water purifier third of seven products and services. Buy water purifier not only to understand the function of water purification machines, but also consider the cost of replacing the filter cartridge and after-sales service. Because the water purifier is not a disposable consumer goods, maintenance and post-sales service is very important. Some brands of water purifier price may seem cheap, but the cost of ongoing maintenance and filter replacement cost is higher, it is not considered affordable. What is more to do "one-shot" sale, water purifier sales issues no acceptance, no redress. Brand is not only an important manifestation of the strength of enterprises, but also strong support aspects of product quality, service quality, choose water purifier same. Buy water purifier is no absolute standard, more than four points for reference only. In addition, Xiao Bian Tips, you know how to buy water purifier, you must go to regular channels to buy your favorite water purification products!

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