Six factors to consider when buy a water purifiensure the s

   due to increased market demand for clean water, an array of water purification products in the major appliance market, so that consumers dilemma in the purchase of water purifiers. Water purifier to buy what factors to consider? And small series with a look!




water purifier six factors to consider to ensure safety of drinking water purchase (Source the network)

   the first point: understand the local water supply and water quality

   before the purchase of water purifiers, consumers must first make the understanding of water resources and water quality of their own, they the current situation of water quality, water quality in the region tend to be hard for some of the North than the South, and a lot of impurities, select high-precision filter water machine is the first choice for families. The water quality in the southern region of relatively softer, but because of industrial pollution, most of the cells are secondary water supply, water supply will be some secondary issues such as water pollution, drinking water quality requirements if some families may choose high water machine, of course, if less demanding quality of drinking water, ultrafiltration can also be used.

   The second point: whether the relevant qualification certificate

   qualification test report and check water purifier show that the brand is a national, provincial and municipal health department inspection report and related to drinking water hygiene and safety products permit this document, which is to ensure the necessary conditions for the purchase of qualified health and safety products.

   The third point: reserving a good size, location and mounting manner

   Optional water filter preferably being decorated at home or prior to fitting, so that the water purifier facilitate understanding mounting position , good space and installation reserved. If the home is renovated, it is necessary to determine the actual situation at home if there is enough space for installation, the best personnel to conduct on-site installation location, determine the installation.

   The fourth point: to understand water purifier, buy good job

   Although the working principle of the water purifier is similar, but still each have their own advantages and disadvantages, choose their consumers home use water purifier is the best, therefore, must understand before you buy, do strategic know ourselves, so as to better choice.

   The fifth point: pay attention to filter replacement costs and replacement water purifier

   water purifier is the need for regular filter replacement, and some propaganda that is not required to replace the filter of the brand, for this is more cause forConcern, water purifier filter all have an expiration date, and regularly replace the filter in order to protect water quality and safety. When replacing the filter element to note that different cartridges of different devices, and the replacement cycle and costs are not the same, consumers have to look at replacement time and costs.

   The sixth point: water purifier sales service installation problems

   water purifiers and other home appliances different, because the water purifier replacement filter late issues that need long-term maintenance, and consumers in the election must pay attention to buy a water purifier to buy a service guaranteed seller, not only can protect the installation, service and without worry.

   the right to choose a high-quality water purifiers, not just to protect drinking water health, is responsible for the health of themselves and their families, consumers in the purchase must pay attention to more than six factors.

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