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   Today, people are advocating "slow living", eager to try to relax at leisure in a fast-paced working pressure. In line with "slow life" standard variety of smart appliances just fit consumer demand, continued penetration into millions of households. As a small home appliances water purifiers, can reduce the trouble of boiling water and cold water waiting time, there are ready-made clean water to cook cook, in a convenient ready to drink at the same time also protect the health of their families, it can be said to serve multiple purposes. Benefits

   but we do not discuss water purifier today, but to talk about users concerned about the "water purifier filter which is good?", "What is good water purifier filter type" and so on.

   water purifier filter what is? It is a water purifier "kidney" is the core component of water purifier filter dirty water. After the filter with a predetermined time, since the residual impurities after the filtering will be piled up in the filter, the filter is thus require periodic replacement.

   want to know what kind of good water purifier filter, you must first understand what are the filter type. Here are common types of household water purifier filter:

   a, PP filter (life: 3-6 months)

   also referred to PP PP Meltblown filter cartridge. PP filter surface of the collector, the deep, fine fine filter in one of different size may be trapped impurities.

瓒呭悍鍑€姘村櫒 Function removing coarse particulate contaminants, sludge and other suspended matter coarser material

   PP as the primary filter cartridge is mainly used, there. PP filter is generally used in a variety of monocular water purifier, lower prices, but it is easy to clog the filter, to be replaced frequently, and the filtration accuracy is not high, only a preliminary filtering water.

   Second, the ceramic filter (life: 3 years)

   are novel ceramic filter Green filter using diatomaceous earth clay as a raw material, prepared by using a special method of molding techniques. Ceramic filter capable of removing suspended solids, rust, microorganisms and bacteria in water, suitable for drinking water treatment and post-sterilization using reverse osmosis.

   Third, the titanium rod filter (life: 3 years)

   Titanium rod filter with corrosion, high temperature, high strength, easy to guarantee precision filtration, easy regeneration, excellent performance. High mechanical precision titanium rod filter, easy to clean. Titanium rod filter high temperature (300 deg.] C wet), acid and alkali resistance, oxidation resistance, suitable for a variety of environments.

   Fourth, the activated carbon filter(Life: 6 months)

   can be activated carbon filter to remove organic chemicals and water, and the like odor.

   Activated carbon filter is divided into a compression-type activated carbon filter, granular activated carbon filter - granular activated carbon filter composed of simple, low cost, but easily damaged carbon leakage, life and unstable effect, commonly household water purification device to make a variety of two-pole filter; compressed carbon filter particles stronger than the filtering capacity of activated carbon. Longer service life, three-pole filter used to do all kinds of household water purification equipment.

   Fifth, the reverse osmosis filter (RO filter) (lifetime: 3 years)

   The core portion of the reverse osmosis filter is a reverse osmosis membrane.

   a reverse osmosis membrane filtration accuracy of 0.0001 microns, in addition to water molecules, any impurities can not pass.

   six membrane filter (lifetime: 3 years)

   ultrafiltration membrane can filter out bacteria and viruses, rust, sediment, algae and other harmful substances, filtered water may be straight drink. Membrane filter element life long, the water filter can drink, water volume, without power, pressure, purify low cost, can be reused repeatedly washed.

   VII ion exchange resin cartridge (life: 6 months)

   can be divided into two types of cation resins and anion resins, are capable of roots with water calcium and magnesium cations, and sulphate and other anionic ion exchange water softening and deionized achieve, to avoid human suffering due to long-term consumption of hard water and stones. But it can not filter out bacteria, viruses and other impurities.


   The above are just common household water purifiers the filter type. Now we know that the type of water purifier filter variety, each filter of different materials, different functions, different functions and adaptation of water purifiers use. So water purifier filter which is better depends entirely on the factors that the user has purchased a water purifier type, use a water filter geographical situation and other water sources, which are based on user needs analysis of specific issues. In fact, every water purifier filter has its advantages and disadvantages, the one filter in the right place, its function can be fully realized.

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