Try to buy water purifier -Look, ratio, oporask-


From "activated carbon" "ceramic film" to "pure Crystal Technology" "Digital Filter", "far-infrared mineralization", there are numerous technical concept see people get confused. How to choose the right water purifier in the good and bad in it? Try "a look at two more than the three count, Four Questions."


in the provincial capital of a home appliance store, the staff told reporters, consumers in the selection should not blindly pursue low-cost water purifier, be sure to choose products with Chinese Ministry of Health permit this document, to see on this document product model are consistent with the actual product model. Second, the current water purifier industry is still in the growing market, small market share, the development of space, while intense competition. Moreover, different general home appliances, water purifier filter should be replaced every so often, home water purifier professionals need regular cleaning, maintenance, disinfection. "Large-scale, highly specialized manufacturers offer relatively better follow-up services to consumers."


In addition to a look at two than outside, insiders suggested that consumers may be based on different household water consumption select the water purifier. In general, domestic water can be divided into daily life, clean washing, bathing and other domestic water, drinking, cooking, drinking soup and other two categories. Different types of household water quality requirements are not the same, which requires the ability to select the water purifier according to the corresponding type of water purification. At the same time, different types of household water consumption and water for each family habits, scientific and rational selection of water purification machines can allow consumers to enjoy healthy water at the same time to do purchase, minimum maintenance costs.


In addition, also can ask the local raw water quality, preferred multi-stage filtration. my countrys large regional differences in water quality. Organic pollution along the Yangtze River and dense areas of serious personnel; township enterprises and small-scale water supply groundwater use large areas of bacterial contamination; large water hardness limestone areas; urban tap water containing chlorine, odor Harmonia heavier, more organic content. Consumers can select the corresponding function focused water purifier according to local water quality.


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