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   In order to profit, when some merchants to sell their products exaggeration, said filter element 3 to 5 years do not change. Filter is the main component of the water purifier, filter good price better hundreds, the replacement time is not the same, but generally will be marked in the outer water purifier. Different filter replacement different time, under different environments, replace the filter is also subject to change. If you do not replace the filter in time, what the consequences will be?




water purifier filter must be replaced? Not replace what will happen? (Photo from Internet)

   1, the effect of reduced health effects

   clogged filter not only resorted to water flow decreases, the filtering effect may also be reduced, resulting in clean water "pure" degree reduce, then consumers have to drink straight, it might harmful impurities absorbed into the body. Let your body act as a "filter."

   2, overworked

   is substantially water purifier progressively filtering, if the first stage filter clogging ---- PP quilts, water, sand, rust and other large particles will follow the impurity part of the raw water directly into the second stage filter ---- charcoal, activated carbon is actually not allow large particles responsible for filtering impurities must bear the burden of this foreign, overworked, extremely fast shorten its life. You just had to bear "PP cotton filter" replacement cost at this time, because "from time to time to replace the filter" this bad habit, you need to bear the cost of two double filter even more.

   3, damage to the machines life

   for a long time does not change the filter of its life will be greatly shortened, the entire operation of the machine will become slow, which makes the machine was soon "retired."

   water purification filters must be replaced, do not change the water filter cartridge temporarily does not exist. But, a different filter, replace varying lengths of time Bale. Household water purifiers we usually use, the filter employed generally have: RO reverse osmosis membrane, ultrafiltration membrane, PP cotton filter, activated carbon filter and the like. Wherein the coarse filter and activated carbon filter PP cotton filter, the replacement time in about 3 to 6 months; the RO reverse osmosis membrane and the sky a central role in ultrafiltration, generally ranging from 2 to 3 can be used for years.

   We buy a water purifier for drinking and cooking soup can be a good use of water, use Shanghao water, it is necessary to replace the filter frequently, so water qualityGuaranteed.

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