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   It is reported that China water purifier market capacity growth rate of 50%, but behind the rapid growth of the water purifier market brand uneven, complicated installation, maintenance difficulties and many other issues have been hanging over the industry. Recently, AQSIQ announced that it will set new standards requiring the elimination of low water production rate of water purifier.

   poor rural areas will sell machines have become piles and piles of garbage

   its rural water purifier market is very messy, people do not sale.

   At present, some dealers are recovered part of the failure of the product

   China set new standards, requiring the elimination of substandard water purifier

   According to media reports , AQSIQ has informed the 2017 water purifier product quality supervision and special checks, the detection rate was 34.9% substandard products.

   water purifier water quality can not be improved, but you can protect the drinking water "safe", in view of the growing number of unqualified water purifier market, Lu Jianguo electrical expert gives some suggestions:

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   depends on dealer sales documents (business license, organization code certificate, tax registration certificate, etc.) are complete. Also, are there health permits the state health department issued the health and safety of drinking water.

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   Water purifier is determined by the water. Water quality good areas, you can buy a water purifier filter; chlorinated water, the taste is heavy polluted area, or have a family direct consumption demand, higher requirements for water purification.

   03 See filtrate

   filtering toxic and hazardous substances is the main function of the water purifier. North and south of high hardness limestone areas, the water calcium, the higher content of magnesium ion, should buy with advanced water purification filter cartridge ion exchange resin. Chlorinated water, heavier odor heterochromatic regions, optional large amount of activated carbon home water purifier.

   04 See wastewater rate

   similar to the water purifier, the lower the rate the more energy waste. National Institute of Standardization is now working with relevant parties, the introduction of strict standards, promoting technological progress of the industry, and then to eliminate some low water purifier water production rate products.

   appears purifier, so that drinking water had to re-define, water purification products is a way of drinking water because of constant changes in water quality occur; from the river to drink well water to tap water to bottled water, up to now extremely strong water purifier market;

   is the environmental impact of a change in the way water is man-made rather than to talk up the market speculation; like cell phones, because we really need, so the market was will be hot, if we place a decade ago, the mobile phone market, so why is it so?

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