Tap water containing lead it


   water containing lead it? This is also the only concern, even when tap water factory metal content is very low, but it does not mean no, the next small series to the next.




tap water are not less than the life of goods, water quality is good or bad also think the quality of our lives good or bad, then how drinking water was safe? It is not required to buy a home water purifier it was better point, tap water containing lead it? How to get rid of lead in tap water ah.


Although tap water factory lead content in water is very low, but flow to your home, the lead content may become high. This is mainly because of lead in tap water from water pipes, pipeline corrosion caused by water. Old houses water pipe is possible with lead pipes, new houses although it may switch to the brass, but usually still use leaded solder connections together. Even the claim that "lead-free" brass fittings, faucets actually contain small amounts of lead can leak out. The more new housing, the greater the risk of lead contamination of tap water. This is because over time, the minerals in the water will settle down in the tube, and gradually form a protective layer separated from the water and the lead-containing solder. This time takes about five years. So houses built in the first five years of lead content in tap water will be higher. Lead content in water should not exceed 15ppb (1ppb = 10 billionths), i.e. 1 liter of water lead content should not exceed 15 micrograms. If you suspect the home water content is relatively high, such approaches can try to avoid the intake of lead:


First, if a tap has been six hours or no longer used (such as overnight), before taking drinking water, let tap water flow for a few seconds to two minutes (the length of time depends on whether just used a lot of water, such as if just washed off the toilet, then the flow for a few seconds may be enough), until the water becomes possible cool, then drinkable. This is because the longer the water stays in the tube, the more likely to be lead contamination. Every faucet need such treatment prior to use. Water streaming can be used to wash dishes, washing clothes, etc., you do not have to be wasted.


Second, if the room has a hot water apparatus, water should only be used to wash, do not get hot water as drinking water. This is because hot water dissolves lead more easily than cold water. Drinking water, if needed, should be taken sufficiently washed with cold water flows, and heated with fire. Effective method comprising:


1, the cation exchange resin. Generation of MAXTRA2 BRITA cartridge filter kettle, cation exchange resins can effectively remove heavy metal ions, including lead ions.


2, RO membrane filtration.


above to introduce bye-related safety net of small series, more families drinking little knowledge all in this site.




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