What long-term drinking bottled water


   which can be long-term drinking bottled water? I am very troubled by this question it, do not worry, promising you answer it.




Now a lot of people choose to drink bottled water, which stems from the water and now we live is polluted, people prefer bottled water because they think it might be to safe water , so often drink bottled water, okay? What long-term drinking bottled water? these problems plague everyone, 2020-06-04 come to help you solve these problems.


What can drink bottled water long term we all know what water is healthy water you see small series for everyone summary of what most healthy water that has;??


1, free any toxic to humans, harmful, water-chemical and biological contamination


2, containing an appropriate amount of beneficial minerals and water form ionic state, (e.g., direct drinking machine, to release purified water minerals essential trace elements, the best companion home drinking water);


3, weakly basic small molecules of water, PH value is 7.0 to 8.5


4, comprising water DO (6mg / L or so), water containing carbonate ion;


5, as a negative potential of water which can quickly and effectively remove acidic metabolites in the body and more radical and various harmful substances;


6, to moderate the water hardness, should be between 50 ~ 200mg / L (as calcium carbonate).


we have a closer look at their own drinking bottled water with these standards, can not be long-term if you do not have to drink in small series can not drink any bottled water long, because poly bottled water used esters bottles often contain substances that may lead to chronic poisoning of the body, especially when the bottle in a hot environment, or did not open in time to drink, harmful substances will seep water, hazardous to health. Thank you for interest in our family drinking little knowledge, I hope you continue to focus on.




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