Water purification equipment online review analysis of user

   In recent years, water purification equipment market online rapid development of the PRC, estimates show: from January to October 2017, water purification equipment online retail amounted to 4.69 million units, accounting for 43.9% of the overall market, up an increase of 27.1%. For water purifier brand enterprises, water purification equipment market online huge space, at the same time, we also note that, compared to market online and offline market, there is a big difference in the users buying habits, that It is used to view online user reviews before buying the product, particularly negative feedback, after comprehensive comparison, and then make a purchase decision. So online review is an important factor in whether a user ultimately purchase products affected. Then for water purification equipment products, online users are concerned about what comments? For what most satisfied with? Which aspects are most dissatisfied with?

   semantic analysis

   The PRC, based on artificial intelligence technology and Internet Big Data crawl through directional data handling comment spam, keyword extraction, automatic classification, sentiment analysis and other data processing step of performing the multi-dimensional products, sales, logistics, after-sales four reviews of the data line analysis of water purification equipment, focused on the brand, model, found that companies in different aspects of water purification problems, put forward specific suggestions for improvement for the enterprise. Today, we will be the main conclusion of this study is to make a brief introduction.

   The research shows that online users highest degree of attention to products, 47%, followed by after-sales and logistics, attention was 21% and 20%, respectively. Minimum attention of sales, was 12%.


   products, our online review data were analyzed from multiple dimensions. The results showed that: product concern, users filter effects, filter efficiency, the appearance of most concern, attention, were 25.7%, 17.0%, 13.9%.


   water purifier product satisfaction, users are most satisfied with the appearance, packaging, taste, satisfaction were 98.2%, 98.1%, 96.2%, of how much waste water, sound, faucets most dissatisfied satisfaction 43.9%, respectively, 66.8%, 79.3%.


   Since the filter effect, filtration efficiency, water purification equipment and the size of the volume product type, has a lot filtration, we respectively different types of filtration products filtering effect, the filter efficiency, size of the volume sideSatisfaction of a comparative analysis of the face, the data show: The product was filtered effect, the highest satisfaction reverse osmosis, 97.4%, followed by activated carbon and ultrafiltration, satisfaction was 94.9%, 92.2%, respectively; filtration efficiency product, highest satisfaction activated carbon, 90.4%, followed by reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration, satisfaction were 84.4%; high volume product terms of size, activated carbon, desktop drink straight, ultrafiltration satisfaction, 97.6%, respectively, 96.0%, 90.3%, lower water purifier satisfaction, 74.5%.


   major reverse osmosis filter effect satisfaction performance model, Angel J1205ROB8C, AO Smith SR600-A3, the highest Patio QR-RF-406B satisfaction, 99.2%, 97.8%, 97.6%; Reverse osmosis filtration efficiency sub-brands, 50 gallons products, the highest AO Smith satisfaction, 94.4%; 75 gallons products Angel highest satisfaction, 97.7%; 400 gallons products, 3M highest satisfaction was 91.3%. Pure water volume size satisfaction, millet highest satisfaction, 84.8%.

   sales, higher user satisfaction with price, was 94.0%.

   logistics, the user is most concerned about the logistics speed, attention was 96.5%, 97.3% satisfaction.

   aftermarket, users install speed, professionalism master the most attention, attention, 42.2%, 22.9% respectively; for accessories / consumables are most dissatisfied, satisfaction was 70.4%.

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