Water purifier market prospects are vy bright developmenneed

  Water purifier market prospects are very bright development needs to increase the force released website: www.watersz.com Published: 2018-09-11 modern people increasingly pay attention to quality of life and health, long-term damage caused by water quality should also pay more attention . But a widespread misunderstanding like this: Those who have a water dispenser will be all right. Large number of foreign study found that only one-third the water of harmful substances enter the body through drinking, the other two-thirds is absorbed through the skin into the body and breathing - in the bath, wash, brush your teeth, wash your face, still able to escape the water pollution . So, bottled water does not solve the security problems caused by water pollution; people have realized the installation of household water purifiers, in order to ensure the health of their families. That is why in bottled water and water purifiers this competition, water purifier gradually gain the upper hand as the most popular household products on the market. Perhaps ten years ago no one can predict with water purifier as the representative of "water appliances" to be the last piece of cake home appliance industry; According to industry estimates of the next five to ten years, home water purifier market is expected to reach 100 billion. In fact, this data is not good to be true, because my country has 1.4 billion population, according to four people if a family to count, my country has 350 million households, according to 1000 yuan each machine to count, the market scale reached 350 billion. The current average penetration rate of home water purifier in our country less than five percent. Despite the good market prospects, but the number of large and small water purifier brand has more than thousands, whether investors or end users, are to determine which brand water purifier to worry about. Water purification industry in order to develop better, also need to constantly improve the service to improve higher water purifier product itself demand for services, quality of service determines which one can really into consumer psychology; improving related systems such as industry by a number of well-known brand in hand to develop a good product should have a standard, so that people can choose the time basis can be found; technological innovation is the first technology innovation competition, companies should consider the long-term, technology innovation, ongoing product innovation, design a better, more characteristics of the product public feedback. The current water purifier to join the industry situation, the national water purifier sales increased rapidly, so the competitive advantage of enterprises, and gradually improve their future competitiveness of the brand at the same time, to better meet consumer demand is also not or missing.

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