Water purifier brand strength large disparity Agent How to C

   is not strong brands can only rely on a variety of products or big brands copied product design, operation mode, etc. to get the development, which gives domestic water purifier market caused some negative impact. So, I want to be a good water purifier brand dealers, we must first know how to choose a good brand.


   First: industry potential. Accurate market positioning, business objectives as well as the ability to predict the future prospects of the industry, assess the status of the industry and demand for market development in the future, tap a huge market capacity and the rapid development of the industry have endless possibilities.

   Second: brand vitality. Have a strategic vision and keen insight into the market. We should not only gauge whether the water purifier brand can immediately get enough profit for themselves, but also to fully assess the water purifier brand vitality.

   Third: the brand value. Brand is an intangible asset, a water purifier brand has no value, that depends on its ability to develop new markets, the ability to dominate the market.

   Fourth: profit margins. If a brand can not bring enough profit space for us, thats the prudent option. Focus on front of a small profit or look to the future, I believe that everyone has their own answers.

   Fifth: product innovation. Good product speaks for itself, whether water purifier manufacturers have a strong product development capabilities, can always be ahead of the competition launched more valuable products.

   Sixth: team potential. Has a strong team have unlimited potential, when faced with a crisis and intense market competition, there is power cocoon into a butterfly, and only the team can really help dealers improve including marketing, planning, management and other business skills.

   The seventh: service support. If the water purifier manufacturers can in hardware, software, have given strong support, the dealer will do very worry. Such as renovation, training, business, promotional support and so on.

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