The new industrial base in Handan, Hebei Grehelp upgradmufac



   Recently, Gree Handan (Muan) Central intelligence equipment basic parts industry base groundbreaking ceremony was held in Handan City, Hebei Province. This marks the Gree on the road to diversification and intelligent manufacturing has taken a big step.

   Gree according to the "scale of production capacity world-class, world-class equipment and technology, environmental technology world-class" standards to help Hebei intelligent manufacturing transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing sector, to achieve green and sustainable development. The

   groundbreaking ceremony, Mayor Wuan strong Yan Feng said: "The construction industry base settled, reflecting efforts to revitalize national industry and the pursuit of feelings Gree, Gree reflects the improved quality of atmospheric environment in Beijing, Tianjin responsibility and play. "杞瀷鍙戝睍

   a new track into the world of the rapid development of green technology. "Made in China 2025" plan, "green" as a keyword appears 46 times in the "Nineteen large," the report also repeatedly mentioned the need to make efforts to solve outstanding environmental problems, accelerate the construction of the green industry system.

   In the just-concluded Central Economic Work Conference, made from a flight to quality high-speed economic development, the supply-side structural reforms will continue to advance. Therefore, the manufacturing enterprises in the new era will long way to go.

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