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  This home water purifier replacement filter, drink clean water every day publishing site: Published: 2019-01-14 people now living conditions are getting better and better, since it began the pursuit of quality of life. Whether in life is to eat and drink or use are required for good health, when necessary, will make use of some machines to help, this can ensure that supplies are safe and healthy. Water is the essential thing in our lives, and now more and more people are beginning to pay attention to the safety of water. Generally, we are the family of water from the water plant by pipeline, which is the result of disinfection of water, but there is still some residual water disinfection or gas is the material, and the use of perennial water pipe, which will rust off, so also will the water flow along the pipeline and into our lives together. But also because of these reasons, today many families are beginning to install water purifier help purify water resources. Because it contains water purifier filter out the vast majority of it can absorb impurities and bacteria in tap water, so that after water purifier treated water for drinking or cooking are either relatively safer clean. But because it is relying on the filter to filter, and this filter is to be replaced, and how long that in the end was the best time to replace it? is now available in the market in different types of water purifier, filter natural use is different, and each filter replacement price is also very different, Xiao Bian today for the more common three kinds of cartridges available in the market to tell you in the end is how long replaced once was the most healthy! 1. As we all know activated carbon filter is a highly adsorptive material, whereby there are a lot of clean water production machine manufacturers put it as a main material of the water purifier filter. In general, when activated carbon as the filter is to be divided into pre-and post-activated carbon activated carbon, so two levels with the use of water resources to be able to smell and excess chlorine adsorption to fall. But there will be saturation of activated carbon state after prolonged use, it normally takes six months to a years time will be replaced once. 2.PP cotton PP cotton stuff is a filter large particulate matter in the water, sand and metal impurities such as what are able to rely on it outside the barrier. It is equivalent to a gauze wrapped around the pipe above to help filter debris as it filter things are relatively bulky, so life will phaseOf runoff shorter, almost four months or so will be replaced. 3. ultrafiltration membrane hear this name should know what it filters are generally relatively small volume, after it is filtered tap water is the ability to completely into the pure water. Because of its smaller mass filtering, so naturally longer replacement time, generally 2-year replacement once. Water purification machines in use when the most important should the number of cartridges, so we have to go in time to replace and clean, so as to ensure that every time we drink of clean water!

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