Whole house water purification can completely eliminthyiand


a healthy home life is not just the pursuit of pollution-free living environment, but also including reasonable visual, auditory, tactile environment that people feel about the home environment of integrated physiological and psychological. Basically, healthy renovation is to improve peoples quality of life, improve peoples living standards, protection of physical and mental health, to create a comfortable and a healthy living environment and effective home improvement program.


by the beginning of April 2014, Lanzhou pollution incident affecting the publics attention on household water purification industry upgrade again. And the rapid rise of the air purifier is somewhat similar, water purification products is also under environmental pollution "benefit" and the rise of environmental health appliances. When more and more people carrying out home improvement, no longer simply focus on interior decoration of beauty, but more attention to environmental protection and home health water.


"Water Decoration" is based on the specific circumstances of each family with water, mounted in place appropriate water treatment equipment to provide water for different needs, to provide families with comprehensive security, high-quality drinking water and a healthy family . Drinking water health has been the focus of everyones attention, home improvement household water purifiers become the new darling of every family, and more people choose South Korea imported brand Megiddo straight drinking fountains for the home built for a full range of drinking water.


currently available on the market water purifier variety, it can be divided into water purifier, water purifier and water softener three categories, as consumers home improvement water "provides a variety of options. Of which the most popular water purifier, water purifier and into the kitchen straight drinking water machine two kinds. Kitchen water purifier filter is generally used PP cotton fibers, activated carbon, KDF water purification, etc., to meet the cooking, soup, requires washing fruits and vegetables. In addition to using a linear filter drinking water machine, but also has an ultra-filtration membrane or reverse osmosis membrane technology (RO membrane), can reach the level of direct consumption. PPF filter filtration using pure water, the RO reverse osmosis, granular activated carbon filter for water purification processes. With respect to the water purifier, pure water production machine more pure, more sweet taste. The water softener using the machine inlet Rohm and Haas resin water calcium and magnesium ions removed, hard water into soft water. To meet the needs of the family wash bathing, washing, laundry and so on.


Faced with these choices, consumers often focus on home water purifier kitchen while ignoring washing, bathing on the human body. According to experts, the study said: daily not only in the tap water of harmful substancesDiet process of being absorbed by the body, and 63% by washing, bathing, etc. are absorbed through the skin. Therefore, more and more consumer choice in the "Water Decoration" whole house water purification, can completely eliminate the yin and yang and thousands of boiling water, 24-hour supply, from time to time to drink healthy water, water filtration 30L per hour, requires only a Taiwan compact water purification machines, can manufacture vegetables, ultrafiltration water bath can also be manufactured soup, cooking, drinking water and tea to drink, to meet family for drinking, cooking, laundry, bathing and other aspects demand for water has become the new darling of the moment of choice for consumers of home improvement.

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