Reverse osmosis water purifi into the mainstream consummarke




As peoples living standards and the growing destruction of the environment, environmental protection and health and safety awareness has gradually deepened, but it also greatly promoted the development of water purification industry market I believe in the near future, water purifier market will easily win one hundred billion yuan.


Korea home water purifier market penetration rate of 95%, followed by Europe, America, Japan, and Chinas current household water purifiers penetration rate is only 2% -3%, compared to developed countries in Asia, Europe and electrical appliances popularity rate, a huge market space for development.


to see demand: China water purifier market has great potential


China water pollution situation is grim, intense water purification industry demand, industry experts suggest that the next three years, Chinas water situation will remain greater than pollution control, pollution control later, it needs at least 20 years, the next 50 years will be the golden period of development of the water purifier.


a conservative estimate Currently there are 129 million urban households, household water purifier penetration rate is less than 5%. State Council Development Research Center of Market Economy survey: the next five years the market demand will reach 15 million units, the annual growth rate remained at about 30%, the market has great potential.


to see the trend: water purifier market into the early morning occupation


water purifier market is growing rapidly, is expected by 2016, it will form 222.8 billion market size. Water purification industry is currently in the growth stage of the life cycle, it is the golden period of investment.


look at technology: reverse osmosis water purifier into the mainstream consumer market


water purifier manufacturers to take the current layout mostly ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis water purifier, because the technology is far lower than ultrafiltration reverse osmosis filtration precision, and the removal of heavy metals can not scale, can not reach the standard drink straight. From a technical point of view, reverse osmosis water purifier will become the mainstream in the future market development.


Aiwo RO using reverse osmosis technology, developed the worlds highest filtration accuracy of 0.1 nm reverse osmosis water purification, a 99% of water can be filtered off pests, including the "sand, rust, suspended solids, algae, colloids, chlorine, bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, scale "and remove the heterochromatic odor, for your family fresh pure water filter system health, and your familys health is our responsibility!


RO anti osmotic core processing principle


Appendix: ROReverse osmosis technology was first used in aerospace field, due to limited space technology, not to carry large amounts of drinking water go into space, astronaut urine purification by reverse osmosis water purifier, drinking water to achieve the purpose of recycling, currently more than 90% of the world the spacecraft are in circulation water purification system using a reverse osmosis water purifier.



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