Water purifier market reshuffle eve, Haiand down the first s

   2019 water purification industry growth stall in the markets sideways appliance market, the growth rate dropped to single digits, the industry turning point has been to, market reshuffle is inevitable, but asserted that the water industry has also ushered in the ceiling fashion early. 5G, networking and other new technologies and user scenarios for water demand more yuan, will help break through the bottleneck water industry, open new room for growth. As head of the water industry brand, Haier has captured the next outlet industry, and advance to seize the industrys next growth engine - the wisdom of Things clean water ecology.

   November 26, 2020, Haier Haier water purifier whole house hold water & heating the whole house (2 + 1 + N) strategy will start in Hefei, issued a "full-scene weather-wise things together drinking water solutions ", which is currently in the industrys first and most comprehensive ecological wisdom Things clean water, clean water for at shuffling the eve of the industry, Haier" all-weather scene 道 道 wisdom Things Plumbing solution "not only make it in the future competition a step ahead of the upper hand under the cloth chess, but also bound to set off a water purification wisdom ecological revolution in the industry.



   user needs iterative upgrade water purification industry has three major trends

   in the appliance industry, Haier has been playing the role of the outlet creators and industry leader in innovation in "human single one" mode, Haier based on in-depth insight into user needs, the integration of global R & D resources and to build a large number of leading industry innovation trend of the products, such as no-clean washing machine, refrigerator Xin kitchen intelligent things together, uncompressed things mechanism wine coolers and water purification machines, especially into the era of things, Haier is the show led the way leading stance. The launch of Haier whole scene 道 weather 道 wisdom Things drinking water solutions, but also "human single one" mode in the water purification industry landing another success story.

   Currently, users demand for water purification products has undergone profound changes, the iterative upgrade users needs so that the water industry presents three major upgrade trend: "From a single product to the complete set", "from product to scene "," ecology from the industry to "iteration upgrade.

   According to "2018 China State of the ecological environment," released by the Department of Ecology Environment, the national water pollution situation is still not optimistic, and therefore our urban and rural residents to purify drinking water demand will growThe existence of. After years of consumer education, user awareness of the importance of healthy drinking water is increasing, which gave birth to the demand for more water scene. The PRC user survey data, in addition to water, the user of the kitchen water, bathing water, tea / coffee with water, wash water or even water demand scenarios washing water or the like equally compelling.

   In addition, in the commercial scene for commercial office, schools, hospitals, factories, airports, railway stations and other also has a lot of demand for water, which also brought the rapid growth of commercial water purification market. The PRC, according to estimates, by 2019 the market size water purifier commercial areas in my country will reach 10.6 billion yuan, the growth rate will reach 20% next year, the commercial market is expected to scale up to 12.9 billion yuan, the growth rate will further increase.

   As users demand iteration, a single type of water purification products market has been unable to meet the drinking water needs of the user has been upgraded to cover the evolution of the home straight to drink, vegetables, cooking, bathing, and commercial scenes, etc. the whole scene requirements, user needs is a suite of customized solutions, based on different scenarios of drinking water physical space, the rear end of the front cover in the ecological water purification, water purification rather than a single product, which requires the water industry to achieve " from a single product to the complete set "," from the product to the scene "," from industry to ecology "iterative upgrade.

   As a whole in order to achieve customer value-dimensional coverage for value-oriented brand, Haier water purifier based on user demand insight for users to create an "all-weather scene 道 道 wisdom Things drinking water solutions," whether it is wisdom bedroom, living room wisdom, the wisdom of kitchen, bathroom wisdom, the wisdom of family wisdom balcony scene or a seasoned business travel, office, schools, airports and other commercial scene, 24-hour personalized user needs can be meet all drinking water.



   It is worth mentioning that the current drinking water needs in the commercial scene has not been sufficient attention. The vast majority of affected brand research and development capabilities, the capital chain, supply chain, brand strength, and can only be played in a single household water purification end of the scene, resulting in a net user of water demand in the commercial scene has not been satisfactorily met. In this regard, Haier water purifier head of a player to spend 1.65 billion yuan in the field of strategic investments and commercial water purification HK Ho Chak water purifier in early November, to realize the wisdom of IOT drinking water solutions cover a commercial scene to help users solutionDrinking Water under the decision of the commercial scene puzzle. The move also laid the Haier position in the field of water purification business, but with the release of full-scene weather-wise things together drinking water solutions, Haier will be promising in the commercial field.

   in the water purification market, household direct drinking, and commercial water purification whole house water purification presented thirds pattern, high-end users is support whole house water purification market demand for the main, this part of the users requirements for water quality higher, so they often need the whole house complete sets of water purification solution, but the industrys most complete set of high-end brands do not have the ability to clean water programs in settlement. The face of high-end users, Haier and European market share of the first hundred years of German water purification BWT Group brand strategic cooperation, integration of the worlds leading water purification technology to create high-quality water purification solutions, strengthening the whole house water purification field Competitiveness.

   With the Haier set in the high-end line of whole house water purification sector capacity building, Haier in this area has had profound knowledge advantage. Today, Haier in the country often traded off price on thousands or even tens of thousands of sets of whole-house water purification solutions, such as a users Shanghai Minhang chose Casa Di water purification Celestica level villa in series 350 flat villa plus whole-house water heating products, hedging amount close to 10 million users a choice Taiyuan central water plus central front plus a combination of soft water, the amount of orders over 80,000 yuan. The order also confirms the high Haier layout in the whole house water purification areas of great strategic vision. Relying on a large platform strategy Haier, Haier future market performance in the whole house water purification field is worth the wait.

   winning user experience and technology to seize the next outlet

   From a user experience perspective, the vast majority of the current market sales of water purification products, after product installation to connect businesses with users already disconnect, companies can not provide users with follow-up value-added services, leading to most users there is pain point and point-to-trough of water purification products, for example, can not be directly perceived quality, do not know the extent of consumption of the filter and when to replace the filter, not even replace filter.

   Haier launched the "all-weather scene 道 道 wisdom Things Plumbing Solution" innovative integration of the IoT of Things, cloud platform, big data analytics as a whole, to provide users with proactive monitoring of water quality, filter life warning, filter replacement reminders, regular maintenance and other one-stop butler service, a first in the industry.



   In addition, rapid advances in technology, 5G and things are a reality for smart home, smart home as an important part of the scene, water purifiers and matter in the 5G a networked-enabled will not be a stand-alone hardware product to exist, but the user is connected, ecological water purification products and services.

   It is clear that the value of Haier "all-weather scene 道 道 wisdom Things Plumbing Solution" is also to complete 5G and industrial distribution in the environment of things, have to say, Haier water purification technology in the next generation layout once again achieved industry leading.

   market reshuffle soon, Haier will reshape the industry a new pattern

   over the past few years, water purification appliance industry has been the star of the industry. As a low penetration rate, just to be very high concern category, the water industry over the years has maintained a high growth momentum, market size soared all the way, from 2013 to 2018, the end of the home water purifier market CAGR of 26 %, this performance in the consumer electronics industry called dazzling. However, with the home appliance market showed weakness lack of growth momentum, once the triumph of the water purification industry growth is slowing down. PRC, according to measurement data, in 2019 the market size of the field of home water purification is estimated at 46.7 billion yuan, year on year growth of 8%. Water industry has entered the second half, the industry reshuffle is inevitable.

   In fact, the past few years, the water industry has been in a process of Ebb Tide, the survival of the fittest, market competition rules have cleared a large number of difficult to adapt to market competition, unable to meet the needs of business users. As the market slowdown, the water industry is bound to be more brutal market reshuffle.

   As of September this year, Haier water purifier things, Haier has seized the strategic initiative of things to clean water, water purification products and Haier brands have differences distinguish the Friends of competitive advantage, strategic stake in ho Chak water, then let Haier deep moat and build a strong building in the commercial field, overwhelmed by the whole scene released 道 weather 道 wisdom Things drinking water solutions, it is wise to let things together Haier water purifier Eco dominate the entire water purification industry, the future of the Friends of Haier is not simply blow dimensionality reduction, but multi-dimensional dimensionality reduction combat, it is easy to see, whether it is a home or business straight to drinkWater purifiers and whole house water purification pattern, Haier will be subverted.

  , Haier water purifier "all-weather scene 道 道 wisdom Things drinking water solutions landing, the Haier Group, Haier water purifier extend from five scene from the perspective of the wisdom of the family to a more extensive business travel, offices, airports, schools, and other user-weather water scene, will open up the home and business scene, so that the next smart home "5 + 7 + N" Haier networking scene the audience to get a large ecological territory extended and broadened.

   In the current market environment, confidence is more important than gold. Haier whole scene 道 weather 道 wisdom Things drinking water solutions for the water industry has anchored a new course, that whole scene, all-weather, the wisdom of things together. As an industry leading pack, Haier will no doubt lead the technological revolution again.

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