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people to install a home water purifier its purpose is very clear, is to protect the health of drinking water, however, is not the original idea so relaxed after installation to home water purifier, mainly for the net water heaters do not understand, then to explain todays top ten water purifier of knowledge with you.


1. What purifier principle


no electricity water purifier using the water pressure of pure physical filters, water purifier needs to use electric pump to increase the water pressure according to local water conditions, processed by membrane filtration, using a flexible manner. Water softener cation exchange resin to remove most of the calcium and magnesium ions, reduce water hardness scale removal by adsorption of activated carbon with a chlorine odor, heavy metals stage various chemical contaminants, improved mouthfeel, using membrane technology, entrapping water bacteria, red worms, colloids, rust and sediment. .


2 Why use for some time, the water purifier significantly attenuated


According to the water industry professionals: This involves pressure, take water and water substances, so when the occurrence of after such cases, first check the water pressure conditions such as normal, indicating that there is more water turbidity of particulate matter, please contact the above phenomenon water purifier company service personnel in order to take appropriate measures, such as occur.


3. Water flow region is large, water purifiers water flow is rarely what is the reason


large amount of water is not equal to the pressure on the large, depending on the size of water pipes and taps the size, also involves natural phenomena water level, so you can measure the pressure with a gauge of ways, such as water purifiers can not meet the minimum working pressure, please take immediate boost measures to improve product usage.


4. Why some white precipitate after boiling water purification filter


purifier purifying function of the more prominent point retain essential trace elements and minerals , therefore in general, a water purifier will not produce a white precipitate, but if the boiling water purifier, a compound of hard water with increasing temperature, the solubility decreased, resulting mineral water after boiling County coagulation sedimentation or floating substances in the water. In addition, the cold water may occasionally happen that a phenomenon, which is related to the alkaline water, if the water-ice is made, with the same down to a freezing temperature, solubility also is reduced, a white precipitateThereof. For the naturally occurring mineral water, since the temperature rise or fall of the white precipitate formed, does not affect the quality of water, consumers do not have to worry about.


5. If time to time is not used, water


do have an impact on water quality will deteriorate, you can through your dealer, they entrust 1 to 2 days on the water once, there is no problem, honestly can not find people, you can net Remove the cartridge water, drain the water upside down, can be sealed with a plastic bag.


6. The water purifier why some tea, will form a film on the surface


Some users water purifier for tea, will form a film on the surface this is due to the high mineral water in the region, the characteristics of the water purifier to retain the minerals in the water. When the tea water, minerals and theophylline, polyphenols and other antioxidants, and other natural compounds to act, it will form a film on the surface, the film forming substance of natural human body hurt, please do not worry.


7. The purifier after long-term use, long-term accumulation of dirt will not produce secondary pollution problem


No. As long as you are using the water after pre-treatment, and reached the national water health standards, they do not have to worry about such issues. After


8, why the installed water purifier, the water will still be scale


The hollow fiber ceramic filters or the like as the core technology generally do not have the ability to remove scale hollow fiber membrane pore size is generally: between 0.1-0.005um, which can effectively remove colloid bacteria, viruses and other organic molecules, but relatively little calcium, magnesium and other metal ions are powerless. Therefore, there is not much difference in metal ion content of the ultrafiltration purification mechanism purified water and raw water. If the raw water has a scale, the water purifier through the resin (UDF) Softening the scale will be reduced.


9, suspended matter what water is


a particulate matter suspended in water particle diameter of more than about 14-4M, these particles are mainly visible by the silt, clay, protozoa , algae, bacteria and viruses, as well as organic polymer and other components. Turbid water produced, are also caused by such substances. These microparticles are unstable, can be removed by precipitation and filtration, suspended solids are the main sources of turbidity, color, odor, which water contentIt is not stable, often with the seasons, different regions vary.


10. Why reduce water consumption after a period of time, taste good


a wide area of 鈥嬧€媗and, a large north-south differences in water quality, water hardness is generally higher in the north. It is mostly high mineral content water surface, in this case, the water quality turbidity PP cotton may shorten the life of the machine, resulting in reduced water production. It is characterized by activated carbon adsorption of bacteria to improve the taste, when you taste, smell, replaced T33 filter on it.


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