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With the improvement of peoples quality of life needs, more and more people home water purifier love, water purifier market is broader, but it is the actual water purifier market, the countrys water purification agents still can not fully grasp the market very well. So, how to turn the water purifier business "Survival Mode"? Their way out where it is that it?


a. Promote the brand, take the end

   [123 ] well-known marketing experts said, the future is the era of terminal king of the era, many of which are to achieve the brands brand value through the terminal, so our focus to enhance the brand, increase their terminal channel construction is particularly important. To promote the standardization of services as an important starting point for the development of brand strategy, in order to maintain product quality and safety standardization to improve product standardization level and brand value.


   II. Precision Marketing


   before relocating, precise, innovative marketing model, water purifier manufacturers to choose their own target consumer market, and then tailored to meet the needs of target consumers product, which is called market positioning and product positioning; targeting market (focused on three or four markets, including the township), for accurate channel building and brand promotion, at every step, and gradually expand its brand base.


   III. To reduce costs


   establish an effective marketing system and performance appraisal system, to promote the various systems in the sales process effectiveness, adaptability. Our water purification industry in the past few years will face a major reshuffle, some small water purifier products in the face of competitive quality, production lines, production skills and innovation such as water purification or water purification technology will be difficult . With perfect water purifier industry standards, systems, and some Wupaiwuzheng water purifier brand and business planning will face the cottage luck, or no place to stop.


   different water purifier business, there are different methods of profit will, in short, water purifier business model should be based on the effective integration of local market structure, consumption structure, for their own is the most profitable . A

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