The method of cleaning the homwater purifier clean watpurifi

   As we all know, it is the need for maintenance and cleaning appliances, especially water purification, cleaning and maintenance needs on a regular basis, in order to protect water purification effect. So, cleaning household water purification methods, what does? Today smallll tell you about some ways of cleaning water purifier more common, together to understand.




The method of cleaning a home water purifier is not difficult to clean the water purifier (picture from the network)

   1, a pressure filtration method

   It is understood that presents a selection pressure filtration approach to professional home water purifiers clean machinery on the market. When cleaning, the end of the cleaning machine to the water purifier inlet, the other end to the lower portion of drain water filter, constituting a closed loop, with the choice of cleaning agents for disinfection. The way to use the pressure of the cleaning cycle the machine itself, able to reach the full intention of cleaning, and can be completely discharged by mechanical pressure scale and impurities.

   2, ozone sterilization method

   Ozone sterilization is sterilization using ozone to clean the water purifier intended to reach, at the time of cleaning, the water left after emptying the machine, machine interfaces and disinfecting water purifier inlet docking, write ozone water purifier tank, after about 20 minutes after the fumigation, installed after the bucket release a small amount of water. Because the half-life of ozone at room temperature for 20-50 minutes, all within a few hours can be differentiated, raw oxide into harmless oxygen, water and carbon dioxide, ozone sterilization after cleaning, can be one or two hours have access to safe the water. But to be noted that this approach can not be cleared to clean water purifiers scale and other impurities.

   3, tablet, antiseptic cleaning method

   Cleaning Household water purification throughout the interior of the selected comparison approach is to use special disinfectant or decontamination effervescent. It is understood that such decontamination effervescent tablets after chlorine of water can be useful to kill E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans and other bacteria. We use water purifier original intention was to secure safe water to drink, but if there is no clean water purifiers because the internal form of clean water, it runs the risk of secondary pollution.

   above is about three kinds of household water purifiers to clean the common approach, and I hope there is a need to know friends help bring some reference.

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