Water purifier manufacturs how to proply support business in

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Today, water purifiers began to be recognized more and more families, the entire water purification industry was the rapid development trend, water purifiers joined the agency also has become Chi-hand hot investment projects. But now many companies focus on efficiency water purifier manufacturers, and focus only on investment, did not realize the importance of support providers, over time they lost the trust of proxy franchisee, should develop water purifier manufacturers If so, the consequences quite worrying. Xiao Bian said: Factory Merchants water purifier is the secondary, support business is king. Here, according to their years of development experience, a comprehensive analysis of how your water purifier manufacturers to support business investment difficult to solve the problem difficult.

   First, sincere communication is the cornerstone of raising water purifiers

   driven by competitive pressures in the market, some brands anxious, over-exaggerate their ability foreign investment, say hype, to attract dealers after the signing, the latter is unable to give appropriate support. In this case, dealers operating them more difficult, and the manufacturers feel resentment, it would have a pernicious effects subsequent cooperation. Water purifier manufacturers and the interests of dealers are tied together, water purifier manufacturers in the investment, should be frank with the dealer, the dealer should inform realistically in terms of investment policy, join conditions, and other manufacturers of support for its voluntary choice. Only two symmetric information, in order to stand on a united front to achieve win-win cooperation can also go more stable, longer.

   Second, preferential policies to support continued cooperation with the agency is a condition franchisee

   water purifier manufacturers headquarters during investment planning are often careful co-ordination with the corresponding policy support comprehensive layout. Sometimes, however, often because of problems assigned to the execution of marketers around the dealers leading to the final outcome is not satisfactory, which requires due diligence and responsible marketing staff. But there are other brands in the category of investment random phenomenon, but targeted screening investment. For business license more than six months, relevant shop (such as solar energy, building materials) operating experience, related products distribution agent contract that was given to meet the three requirements of the agency that, once they become agents to join, will enjoy the free listing and full azimuth guidance to support policy. He has extensive experience in the market, whether the store will sell, or a variety of other ways to open up the market with ease. Industry sources say that the key to veteran marketing agency is the most powerful backing, is the exclusive brand water purifier market over the years Ngau Tau.

   Third, the quality is the essential forces support

   product is the hub, plans to do another perfect investment, if there is no product quality as support, everything will come to naught. If the product quality problems, is a small complaint, affecting orders. It is a big lawsuit, and even make manufacturers into a crisis of confidence. Therefore, manufacturers in the brains seek remedy for the investment, must not ignore the product quality and product safety of the control, supervision and incentive system related personnel to be strict, the intensity should be large, adhere to both hands grasp with both hands to hard to ensure quality control are implemented.

   Fourth, the service provider is raising the solid backing of

   in water purification most important thing is to have a sound service system, if the agency does not improve after-sales service system, dealers not only will be plagued by a variety of after-sale problems, seriously affecting local reputation and brand building, but also affect the enthusiasm of dealers, thereby affecting the annual marketing and sales. Establish 24-hour service system, so that dealers sell peace of mind, peace of mind to consumers. Entering the golden age of water purifiers, water purifier manufacturers to combine their brands, products, and potential distributors of the relationships, the ability and strength to do a deeper level of communication and understanding, to choose a more suitable development of dealer profit model let water purifier manufacturers and agents franchisees achieve win-win cooperation, so that everyone is full of confidence about the future.

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