Residual chlorine in tap water actually causeancer, Pledge t

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chlorine harm, we all know, but you know how serious specific hazards ? I believe most people do not know the title seems to chlorine is exactly what the hell, but if it comes to another name I believe all in all understand - bleaching powder.


In fact, chlorine from water plant something disinfection using a sterilization, there are still 80 percent of world water use, so the municipal tap water must maintain a certain amount of chlorine to ensure safe drinking water microbiological indicators.


but more than a certain amount of chlorine, it will have a lot of harm to humans, such as bathing and sometimes get skin inflammation but also because most of this cargo trouble ghost Oh, and a greater impact on the health of drinking water. Secondary water pollution it is evident that, in order to preserve drinking water your familys health, high-end water purification equipment is essential to have the furniture!


Bailey purifier filter arranged six: 1 micron PP cotton quality, strong barrier rust, sediment, eggs; fossil mineral nutrition, natural filter, adsorption of heavy metals, deposited on the elements beneficial to humans ; KDF high purity, the removal of residual chlorine in water, inhibiting microbes, preventing the accumulation of hard scale; activated double-efficient, large adhesion area, adsorption chlorine, algae, and some heavy metals and organics; fossil mineral nutrition, natural filter, adsorption of heavy metal, precipitation of elements beneficial to humans; high purification membrane, 0.01 micron filtration, safe to remove bacteria, minerals retained. Further Bili its exclusive water purifier, a larger contact area with the water filter, the water purifier is larger than normal, and the reverse flushing can be avoided internal structure bacteria, extended filter life.


Bailey has 18 years of technological accumulation in the field of water purification, water purifiers Bailey expected to reduce the chlorine on the human body by way of filtration, welcome customers to consult and order at any time by calling 400-800-0725.

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