What is alkaline


   alkaline word and we are now living are becoming increasingly close, as many essential food blindly swap. So what is alkaline it? Let Xiaobian lead everyone to learn more about it!




is one of the most common alkaline pasta pasta flour base is added, the removal of sour dough, to make the surface more swollen, white, soft. Many places have joined the pasta base to improve the taste. What is alkaline it? You go and look at it!


What is alkaline


alkaline water is PH> water, plain water is generally PH value of 7, depending on regional differences in large, urban drinking water are generally north of the Yellow River weak alkaline (PH value of about 7.5). 2010 CCTV 3 15 party burst the market selling "alkaline water" to improve the human PH value lies. Experts interviewed also pointed out that the bacteria ideal living environment that is alkaline, alkaline water according to the publicity point of view, drink more alkaline water helps the bacteria multiply.


above is small series to provide you with answers about what is alkaline, hope my article will give you a clearer understanding of this issue! To learn more knowledge about home safety, please pay attention on it!




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