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   T [123 ] HC network sweets with fresh water spring and, to verdant summer. Look forward to the long Labor Day Golden Week, plus several provinces issued coupons, shopping festival overlay, as well as a nationwide hot weather the storm, let the Chinese consumer market, speed up recovery in some areas, some categories presented "retaliatory consumption." Ministry of Commerce to monitor, May 1 to 5, the focus of the retail business daily sales increase of 32.1% over the Ching Ming holidays. Fifty-one from third party data, white, black, kitchen and multi-category, though still a downward trend, but showing clear signs of improvement; while in 2019 there have been a home appliance brand pattern oligarchs are especially prominent during May.

   in the first-line market, appliance manufacturers frequently release action also grab market confidence: Fang Tai Group "Mibo Experience Center opened ten shops Celebration" to promote Mibo cooking kitchen light machine this business into the fast lane; small black Swan live laundry technology "Advanced Micro bubble net" technology, technology, multi-level marketing "broken circle"; Changhong Meiling released Chinas first "home appliances health code", leveraging the industry healthy new outlet; while Suning Tesco accelerate operations levels of quality, efficiency, Tencent online "gosling fight fight" continued the dream of self electricity supplier, is seeking to upgrade the channel level continued.

   on the color TV industry, the global TV shipments and sales in China fell sharply in the background, the average size of the Chinese market topped 50 inches, and a new display technology OLCD expected 2021 production. In short, a quarter of the appliance industrys overall decline is being replaced by a new weather, May appliance market has clearly signal the recovery of the market rebound in the second quarter, especially in the market for the next big promotion 618 more expectations.

   appliances brand pattern of oligarchy: market concentration and more than Qi Cheng

   According to China National Commercial Information Center statistics, in 2019 the national key large retailers large appliance category remain highly concentrated market: the top ten brand market comprehensive market share in the sum, refrigerators, room air conditioners, color television sets, washing machines home before four categories were 84.2%, 86.2%, 92.2%, 79.7%, both before and 0.2 upgrade over the previous year respectively and 2.3 percentage points.

   The same is true kitchen small appliances category: electricWater, a comprehensive market share of the top ten brands of air purifiers market and were 80.6%, 79.9%; household electric fans, range hoods are more than 80%; electric heating, vacuum cleaners, household refrigerators and other categories of market concentration It was also higher than 70%. No matter how large or small appliances home appliances category, the joint efforts of consumer upgrades and channel sink, small brands are being further compressed space, a new industry knockout in progress.

   fifty-one TV volume turnover fell: the big screen trend of diversification significantly

   Orville cloud network TV May sales summary report shows that May sales period (04.20-05.03) Chinas color TV market size of 1.58 million retail sales Taiwan, down 8.9%; retail scale 4.3 billion yuan, down 27.3% year on year. Because during the promotion is not mainstream promotional prices, sales pulled obvious. However, large screen continued to progress, especially in the line share of 23% of 65-inch, 75-inch market share increased by more than 2%; 8K, social TV, new display technology share growth in both the diverse needs of refraction.

   Since opening in 2020 affected by the epidemic, Chinas color TV market, the performance of a V-word trend, return to the scene of the living room from the user during the isolation of small outbreaks, to enter the market decline year on year in March and April, and May sales became the first half to pull the key node market recovery. Although the TV market warmed not obvious, but it can be seen that the product structure adjustment, industrial upgrading continues. And according to Ovid cloud network predicts 618 online market TV sales 2.46 million units, up 23%, all channels increased by 4% threshold of the next match point.

   fifty-one white market consumption for the better: the consumer differentiation pressure still exists

   experienced a dismal quarter, in the last decade longest holiday and many preferential policies to stimulate, white overall trend of the market is easing, but overall consumer enthusiasm is still not enough. From the channel perspective, line up overall growth, the purchasing power of the rural market relatively quickly restored. Orville cloud network specific to push the total data released each category to see:

   May sales period (04.13-05.03) period, retail sales refrigerator market 2.499 million units, down 0.6% year on year, retail sales of 77 billion yuan, fell 8.3%. Which significantly improved product mix, the line of products to enhance the cross; Department of Haier, the United States Department of lead may sound, the head of brand concentration continued to rise; although the line under strong price gains, but with online sales volume liftIndustry prices continued negative growth.

   retail sales of Chinas washing machine market to 2.173 million units, down 10%, and retail sales of 4.56 billion yuan, down 14.7%. Although the amount of volume fell year on year, but the trend in the same product upgrades, washing drying machine structural growth next line; with sterilization, antibacterial cleaning products and other health functions gradually become the mainstream. From the price perspective, consumer differentiation trend highlights: line of low-end price segment at both ends of the line to gather.

   across the country affected by high temperature, air-conditioning sales market hot. During the May sales, air conditioning retail sales online grew 99.7%, almost double. Offline monitoring data show: Xinjiang, Shandong, Jiangxi, three provinces scale retail sales compared to last year, an increase of 70%, 59%, 23%, respectively. Frequency online retail sales accounting hang 15.9%, 2K price segment of the main frequency Guiji, eye-catching performance line.

   pick up line under fifty-one kitchen market rose line, dishwasher eye-catching

   Orville cloud network disclosed, May 1 Golden Week this year (4.13-5.03), kitchen and bathroom products online market rose, in which the amount of soot volume grew 35.9%, 9.5%, electric water heaters and amounts rose 79.4%, 54.2%, the amount of gas water heater volume grew 34%, 17.6%, and the amount of the dishwasher amount rose 72.7%, 59.7 %. Line market is showing recovery, but the traditional category is still weak. Where the hood, electric water heaters and amounts of both, falling by around 25%, while the largest decrease in the amount, gas water heater, nearly 30%. The only growth, the amount, are approaching 10% for dishwashers online.

   Overall, the kitchen and the market price is extremely competitive, low-end market share growth rate is still large, especially the online market, the price is still the most direct and effective way to compete, while the high-end market, increased demand is mainly differentiated products from competition.

   OLED down OLCD incoming: panel industry orientation war

   Media reports, market-oriented launched OLCD British FlexEnable display technology company, is working with display manufacturers, is expected to be OLCD mass production in 2021. LGDisplay while demand is expected in the second quarter of 2020 OLED TV panels will drop by 10%; the entire OLED TV panel shipments in 2020 is expected to be reduced from 6 million 4.5 million.

   hailed as the next generation of OLED display technology, although with color, high contrast, short response time and other advantages, but the cost, product life and other issues has always existed. While OLCD, the advantage but includes a flexible, slim, cost and longevity. And may be directly through the existing production line LCD display industry chain optimization, OLCD quickly into a flexible manufacturing. Apparently so the next panel displays have more options, becoming a new variable panel industry.

   a quarter of the global TV market slump: large size or protagonist

   in the first quarter on both sides of the global TV supply-side and demand-side pressure, global TV brands shipped 45.12 million units, down 8.7% year on year, the top ten brands in the 7 brands are in the state sales decline. Chinese market is even more bleak: Orville cloud network data show that a quarter of Chinas color TV retail 9.96 million units, down 20.1% year on year; retail sales of 23.8 billion yuan, down 33.8% year on year, sales to the lowest value scale hit a single quarter since 2016 .

   epidemic is clearly worse to the global TV industry, but thus driving consumption habits change, changes in market demand, the value of the scene, such as transfer channels, but also to usher in a new industry opportunities.

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