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  Yantai corporate sewage is not compliance will be forced to stop production Author: Tim net water purification Views: 538 Published: 2016-8-30 10:37:01 Tim net water purifier home water purifier Yantai City, will increase supervision of water pollution control rectification of water environment in poor counties, the rectification of non-compliance will still cancel the first assessment excellence qualifications. Enterprises exceeding the total amount of all restrictions and super production or discontinued remediation, remediation and still can not meet the requirements of all the circumstances are serious business of business, close. The sewage is not compliance, industrial enterprises will be discontinued administrative supervision is a key element of water pollution control. The city will gradually establish the citys groundwater monitoring network, to carry out supervision and monitoring groundwater. Improve the marine environment online monitoring network, laid-line monitoring equipment and radar in key Gulf oil spill, rivers into the sea, sewage outfall and other places. Improve the statistical monitoring system contaminants, industrial, urban life, agriculture, and other types of mobile source pollution sources included in the survey. Mobile speed up environmental law enforcement supervision system construction, environmental monitoring mechanism before the end of 2017 with all levels of law enforcement using a portable hand-held mobile terminals. Punished severely damage against automatic monitoring facilities and monitoring data sources fraud, kangaroo underground pipe or the use of seepage wells or pits, cave discharge or dump containing toxic pollutants or hazardous waste water containing pathogens, abnormal water pollutant treatment facilities, or is not approved the removal of idle water pollutant treatment facilities and other environmental violations. Responsible for ecological damage caused by the strict implementation of the compensation system. To investigate environmental impact of the construction project evaluation areas exceeded authority, not approved the first building, while batch Bian Jianxin, long time no test pilot and other illegal activities. The city will strictly implement the main responsibility for various types of sewage disposal units, the implementation of polluting industries "red card" management, one investigation of industrial enterprises sewage situation; to be "yellow card" for excessive corporate and super-aggregate warning, all restrictions on the production or cut-off regulation; be "red card" punishment for rectification still can not meet the requirements of business and the circumstances are serious, they should be closed down, closed. Since 2016, regularly publish environmental protection "yellow card" "red card" list of companies. Periodic checks on sewage discharge standards unit, the results to the public. Established to cover all emissions from stationary sources of business licensing system, according to the national schedule to complete the work of various types of pollution discharge permit issued before the end of 2017. The types of businesses emissionsThe concentration of total emissions into the whereabouts license management. Prohibit undocumented sewage or sewage by Permit.

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