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According to related statistics, 80% of the worlds disease and 50% of child deaths are related to poor water quality and drinking water. Due to water pollution, worldwide there are 50 million child deaths each year, 35 million people suffering from cardiovascular disease, 70 million people suffering from gallstone disease, 90 million people have hepatitis, 30 million people died of liver cancer and stomach cancer.


- The World Health Ministry


鍥剧墖鍏抽敭璇?></p><p>  <p style= If you have a parent, I believe you all the time as a child and food safety concerns. Especially those that have resistance, poor immunity of children, their demand for water is relatively more adult, but their kidneys healthy digestive function and not, therefore, affect water quality is good or bad for the health of young children is more obvious . So, for the majority of parents, the child how to judge Status daily drinking water it? Children drinking water which common sense need to know it?




First: respect for the law, children do not pay the blind


In fact, drink plenty of water also need to follow a strict timetable, especially for young children, the best the principle is that children are willing to drink the parents gave him to drink, do not drink the best parents do not force the child. Of course, parents or guardians should also be combined with the weather conditions, the childs movement, combined with careful observation, to see if the child sweat a lot, especially if tired, usually in this case children need to pay. In addition, parents often best to consult a doctor, according to the actual physical condition of their children, choose the appropriate amount of water.




Second: chronic water shortages or lead to uremia




health experts have pointed out that the children of long-term water shortage will make the body slow slow the formation of habits, over time, have done great harm to the body. If there is a long time since the kids do not drink water, can lead to insufficient blood supply within the body, resulting in little or no urine state, impaired renal function, severe cases may also be infected with uremia.




Third: One day eight glasses? Drinking excessive harm than good


We often hear "One day eight glasses of water" remarks on television, some parents have begun to follow suit, in fact, eight glasses of water is not for everyone. Whether adult or child, will drink more actionin contrast. In general, baby water intake can be set according to body weight, about a day to drink about 800 ml of water to nearly; teenagers drinking water can be a little more, but not more than 1500 ml, adults should also be in the magnitude of this up and down, parents need keep in mind that an excessive amount of drinking water for children more harm than good.




Fourth: sweating must drink salt water to add?


In general, peoples daily diet already contains enough salt, there is no need to specifically add. If your child is more likely to sweat compared to their peers, usually just drink boiled water (or cool white open can) if the intake of too much salt water is likely to make children gastrointestinal discomfort, counterproductive.




Fifth: amount beverage drink, do not completely replace drinking water


is well known, the beverage ingredients are 98% of the water, but is changed by the addition of auxiliary elements taste, especially a lot of childrens drinks, to cater to the tastes of children, unscrupulous businesses to join a large number of flavors, colors, etc., resulting in many children feel addicted to drink. Parents should be more exhort children to inform them of excessive drinking harmful drinks and beverages replaced drinking water for children to drink.


How to ensure that the flowers grow?


authority of expert testimony: 80% of human diseases are water-related, kids are prone to get sick, not only because young weak resistance, but the main reason is that drinking unclean water, such as drinking unboiled water. Currently, the most simple and effective method is to make use home water dispensers to help children to drink healthy, safe water. However, water purifiers are various kinds, how domestic and imported, cottage, all sorts of poor quality, the majority of parents should choose?




a point of view: the production shut


high-quality water purifier products from strict production. Especially in an increasingly competitive market, product homogeneity of today, water purifier manufacturers to have the scientific research, development, production at the seller needs of the market. For example, nearly 30 years of experience in the production of water purification Marco Polo, has won three consecutive sessions of Chinas top ten water purifier brand, its production of pure water, drink straight line, straight energy drink machines can meet all peoples water purification It needs.




two angles: Off Technology


is the first green TechnologyProductivity, technology determines whether the key product lead times. Marco Polo has always been at the forefront of water purification water purification industry, the first PVF RO membrane process technology and new PVC alloy membrane technology, its production out of the water purifier can effectively remove a variety of harmful substances in the water, fully functional in line with the times demand.




three angles: Effect Off


purifier practical effects will directly reflects on the water purifier production businesses. Marco Polo water purifier to "improve water quality for the benefit of mankind" as any to international technology standards, each water purifiers are qualified guaranteed, mellow taste of filtered water quality, reputation.




face of many brands available in the market water purifier, keep in mind that the majority of parents, when buying a water purifier, to understand, every consideration to make a decision.

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