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   In recent years, water pollution intensified, stimulate peoples demand for water purification products. According to relevant data, the use of household water purifiers percentage rose from 4.7% in 2008 to 2012 of 12.2%, and is expected to rise further in 2017 to 32.0%. With the continuous expansion of market scale water purifiers, companies only excellent product quality, leading technology and innovative marketing approach to finding a long-term development in the fierce market competition.


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   precise positioning of the leading quality

   [123 ] water purifier companies outset around professional development, the production manufacture and sale of household, commercial, etc. precise positioning, improve their products based on positioning. You know, the "quality and quality" products is the lifeblood of the vitality of enterprises and enterprises to product quality excellence, continually tap the consumption potential to meet consumer demand. Enterprises can internal management, R & D investment, technological innovation, quality control, marketing, diversification, brand depth propagation etc., to guide franchisees and consumers, with sales gradually changing consumption habits, to bring consumers a new awareness: water purification drinking water is not just a machine, but a new value proposition, products and gradually move towards a higher level of development: that improve quality and increase added value, improve the user experience and feelings, etc., to the value and consumption.

   product innovation and energy saving in advance

   with the 80,90 crowd become the main consumer groups, they pay more attention to water purifiers convenient, comfortable, safe, green energy, a large amount of water, the high-end characteristics, therefore, water purifier companies in product innovation, we should pay more attention to enhance the user experience around these qualities. Enterprises should make good use of technology research and development centers, strengthen self-construction, so as to lead the market trend, producing a unique water purification products. Enterprises should uphold user needs for the development of the main points from the actual user perspective, the genuineness meet users, including products of intelligent operation, its own security, green energy saving and so on core demands.

   marketing innovation channel innovation

   With the increasingly fierce market competition environment, water purifier enterprises should comply with the development of the initiative to go out for the generation of water purifiersLi franchisee to open up more sales opportunities. Water purifier enterprises can carry out cross-border marketing, online and offline around, buy project to develop different sales approach, promotional activities, promotional gifts, promotional prices, promotions and other home appliances brand alliances in different ways actively sold through marketing meetings, achieve overall channel change. Different in the marketing network construction, water purification companies should continue to strengthen marketing advantages third and fourth line market, while continuing to increase First, the overall layout of the second-tier market, carry out multi-channel, multi-channel sales network coverage to do, so as to meet consumer demand and sales and channel paths.

   on the branding launch, water purifier companies can spread through a series of CCTV television media, outdoor, road signs, walls, bus advertising, emerging networks, in the field of water purification establish a corporate image, so many agents and users more direct attention to the corporate culture and corporate brand core features for enterprises operating in the entire domestic market, has laid a good foundation.

   By 2015, the water purification industry good momentum of development, companies need water purifier according to market changes constantly make adjustments, I believe in the future, water purifier companies will continue to maintain this momentum and meet the edge, achieve brand sales double upgrade to the best attitude to lead the development of water purification industry new trend.

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