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   spring and autumn, times are changing this sentence is also reflected in the water purification industry. In the past, a lot of water purifier to join agents entered the home store proud, this is because of stores larger flow of people, credibility is relatively high, agents can help store fame, popularity of the rapid accumulation of customer resources. But now, the economic slowdown, home stores began to decline, the popularity has gone down. So for the majority of the water purifier to join, how to deal with the issue home store popularity plummeted, enabling precision marketing it?


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water purification agents to join the Society Three strategies to enhance the competitiveness (Photo from Internet)

   how precision marketing agencies to achieve the sales target, small series that rely on traditional holidays to engage in activities that are well enough, although activity is still Marketplace effective means to promote sales, but the cycle is relatively strengthen the activities carried out in the end. Water purification agents to join enhance competitiveness, it should be three-pronged approach:

   a, innovative marketing campaigns

   First, based on the popular gathering, the "new" and "real "activity, new - now form new body, to avoid the herd, to prevent consumers fatigued, real - activity can fall, so that businesses and consumers can get really benefits.

   Second, obtain accurate customer

   Second, customers get accurate, precise and sure to be valuable client. The water purifier dealers through cooperation with institutions of marriage, married people get the relevant data, according to statistics, 30% of the newlyweds will spend about 3 million of the funds to buy homes, but these groups undoubtedly accurate customer. Also opening a new real estate project is also an important way to effectively gather popularity.

   Third, strengthen interaction with consumers

   Third, the popularity and must have the corresponding activities, agencies should help to promote the consumption of interactive promotions potential to strengthen, focus topics , popularity, and deal overemphasized. As Mai purifier free testing of water quality for the residents, the test report issued in writing, to reach a good side effect of education, in order to achieve as a single.

   to achieve precision marketing, water purification agents to join the first choice needs to attract attention of consumers, in good faith and high quality service to retain them, and strengthen cross between consumersFlow and emotion, will allow agents to get traded, the two sides to achieve win-win situation. (Source: water purifier network)

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