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   1, the main way of water disinfection What?

   A: China is now mainly rely on water purification chlorine disinfection.

   2, What is chlorine?

   A: The yellow-green chlorine, a strong smell of asphyxiating, poisonous gases. It is a strong oxidizing agent, carbon dioxide can be formed in contact with phosgene, can be liquefied under high pressure as a chlorine, a density of 2.48kg / m3, a melting point of -102 deg.] C, a boiling point of -34.6 deg.] C, white smoke in the air, easily soluble in water, alcohol and ether, the aqueous solution of hydrochloric acid is called.

   3. Why add chlorine in tap water?

   A: The water was supposed to be a hygienic and safe drinking water, but because of environmental pollution, resulting in a large number of breeding bacteria and other harmful substances in water, in order to suppress and kill bacteria in the treated water process was added chlorine.

   4, chlorine on the human body, what harm?

   A: Chlorine serious harm to humans, it can stimulate the eyes, nose, throat and upper respiratory tract. Cause acute pulmonary edema and pneumonia, paralysis of the respiratory center can be high concentrations, a "blitz death." Long-term inhalation of low concentrations of chlorine can cause chronic poisoning, resulting in large amounts of free radicals in vivo, accelerate aging rate. The main condition is rhinitis, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, cirrhosis, atherosclerosis, and even cancer.

   5, the impact of chlorine-containing water to wash vegetables, fruits, grains, etc.?

   A: Chlorine will destroy the fruits and vegetables, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in the grain, seriously affecting the bodys absorption of nutrients.

   6, chlorine Why easily absorbed by human skin?

   A: Because the human skin surface around the pores and sweat glands, at the moment of contact with the water, chlorine can easily enter through these fine pores and be absorbed by human skin.

   7, long bath in water containing chlorine harm?

   A: a bath with tap water containing free chlorine, total chlorine in Forty per cent of the bathroom via inhalation, three percent by the skinSkin absorption, is usually entered by drinking 6 to 8 times the human body chlorine, the light resulting in itching, middle-aged cancer rates over time will increase by 30%;

   8, why water more dangerous boil?

   A: will be boiled tap water, heated chloroform and other chlorine with an organic carcinogen Humicola water, chloroform increase than water 4 to 5 times, if chlorine can not be removed, our everyday the drinking of coffee, tea or soup, after heating to boil drinking; that is our body increases the risk of illness.

   9, long-term consumption of water containing chlorine can lead to what disease?

   A: by experts, drinking water containing chlorine excessive increase of heart disease, coronary atherosclerosis, anemia, bladder cancer, hepatoma, colorectal cancer, and allergy symptoms of hypertension risk.

   to see that this does not install water purifier can do it?

   residual chlorine in water not only sterilization, but also damage human cells, but also on their own to get rid of chlorine; the best way to ensure the safety of drinking water home, with a Taiwan high-quality drinking water filter. Formal Shenzhen water purifier manufacturers of water purifiers can effectively remove the chlorine in tap water, viruses, bacteria, impurities and other harmful substances, do not even have to boil it to drink.



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