Purifier companies strive to innovation that is high noto d

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As the water purifier water purifier industry with low barriers to entry, and now the water purifier market product homogeneity is serious, mimicry in vogue. For now, many small and medium enterprises lack water purifier independent R & D and innovation ability, lack of competitiveness, picked up the pace in the attack of large enterprises, woeful. Science and technology are primary productive forces, technological innovation is the fundamental guarantee for the sustainable development of an enterprise, therefore, water purifier companies must pay attention to.

   The rapid development of enterprise technology innovation that is not to die

   In the 21st century, the rapid development of information technology has made tremendous progress, updating of knowledge continues to accelerate, the water purifier business if not actively carry out technical innovation, it is It will be eliminated by the market. We can say that technological innovation has become the fundamental guarantee for the sustainable development of enterprises. No innovation, no development of enterprises.

   Science and technology are productive state of knowledge, to transform it into material, direct productivity, we need to translate it into technology and scientific management and was directly used in the production process. In the production process of a water purifier, and constantly improve the level of science and technology, will help improve production levels, and promote increased sales.

   to establish a sound system of innovation and integration "technology innovation chain"

   technological innovation capacity water purifier business directly determines the water purifier market competitiveness of enterprises. How to improve the technological innovation has become a problem purifier business focus to be solved. First, the water purifier business is committed to the establishment of a sound technological innovation system, we encourage employees to technological innovation, and constantly enhance technology development strength, a unique high-tech products manufacturing enterprises. Again, to form an effective network of technological innovation, integrating scientific research, training and development and other key link to "technology innovation chain." Thus, water purifier companies will be able to research and development and high-tech and high-quality production to meet market demand for products in order to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, encourage enterprises to "swagger" of moving forward.

   to select the appropriate mode of technological innovation

   We usually technical innovation is divided into three modes: independent innovation model, innovation and collaborative innovation model to imitate models. These three models have advantages and disadvantages, water purifier enterprises in the choice of innovation model must take into account their own situation, combined with the companys current situation. When these three models are not necessarily applicable, water purifier business want to know how flexible, timely improvements, selective technological innovationSo, in order to win the greatest victory for the water purifier business.

   In short, the water purifier business in order to keep pace with the information age, is not out of the market, we must pay attention to technological innovation. Only production of high-tech, high-quality products in order to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, enterprises can obtain long-term development.

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