Unified production operations, let the water purifi business

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In recent years, With the improvement of health and environmental awareness of peoples living standards, water purification industry has entered the fast lane. But with the rapid growth of the companys water purification industry, a water purifier business to grow strong, the key is the water purifier business can effectively use the following two principles, allow enterprises to manage "live".


a. Cost water purifier companies control


water purifier enterprises engaged in production and business purpose is profit, to maximize profits. For most businesses today, small profits but also achieve rapid expansion, the practice of low-cost carriers would be difficult to survive, the decision can be described as the cost of survival. The purpose of cost control is to constantly reduce costs, to obtain greater profits, profit target to develop target cost must first consider the enterprise, while also considering a competitive sale price.


goal of cost control is to reduce the uncertainty of projects and tasks, in a clear business objectives, each project and task is to achieve the target services; the cost of the task to clear the various departments, first measure out the maximum amount of the fees, and then break down into various sectors lateral, vertical break down into groups and individuals, and linked with rewards and punishments.


II. Production Operations to be harmonized


process service orders and production orders, there is a realization of orders, production and operation of various departments system is inseparable from the company work together. The production ability, no marketing department orders, what means to produce? On the contrary, the marketing department orders ability, not with the production department, a single connection to what is the use? Purifier companies need to order and R & D department bundled hooks, enhance research and development department focuses on practical, focusing on market awareness and enhance the harmonization of the various systems. Only strengthen team collaboration, to achieve optimal allocation of resources.


water purifier company to achieve internal breakthrough, the use of resources to the limit, so that more economical and efficient. This would be around two goals: First, eliminate non-value work, excluding non-value added activities and waste of resources utilization efficiency is not high efficient manner; second is to respond quickly to market changes to existing equipmentAccording to the actual needs and making use of advanced production technology, improve production at the same time, to avoid unnecessary waste of capital and technology.


water purifier business want stable development, the first thing to do is to control costs, improve product quality. Funds such enterprises will not ball dropped; secondly, after good cost control, to be refined management standards through digital quantization control costs.

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