Rongsheng drinki water purifier to eliminate the csis of par


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   Recently, the domestic 16 provinces large-scale long foggy weather, excessive confirmed due to the air PM2.5. Survey in air less than 2.5 micrometers in diameter county floating particles is not soluble in the water out of the water, the current technology can not be eradicated tap water, drinking water becomes security risks. Consumers how to deal with the water crisis brought about by the entry PM2.5 exceeded it.

   prevent the mouth protection Air purifier escort

   through the water purifier materials in conjunction with various filtering techniques, to achieve purification, the filtering effect of the water, the water may be removed conventional processes filtering impurities can not. Generally, filtering techniques can be divided into several filtration accuracy, facing each filtering technique should be different filter materials, such as coarse filter and activated carbon fibers in the polymer, the water can remove odor, red worms, rust, colloid and other harmful objects, the microfiltration membrane can be removed bacteria and other harmful substances in water, the reverse osmosis membrane filtration of fine, can be removed of impurities other than water molecules in water.

   Since the diameter of the ultra-small particles is less than or equal to 2.5 microns PP cotton filter can not be filtered out, can not be effectively activated carbon adsorption, membrane technology can only be effectively solved by advanced treatment, please consumers buy net filter membrane must choose with water machine / RO water purifier reverse osmosis membrane with high accuracy.

   How to choose the right water purifier

   Although the water purifier is now home safe drinking water to protect the best choice, but consumers how to choose a suitable water purifier for the home it? I understand that, in the optional water purifier must choose backwash function with the water purifier, as PM2.5 particles can not be filtered out PP cotton filter, activated carbon can not be effectively adsorbed, separated only by a membrane . If there is no backwash function, these fine particles adsorbed on the concentrated water side in the direction of membrane or RO membrane, causing clogging of the membrane, affecting the normal operation of the water purifier.

   having a function of backwash water purifier, when the pressing of the filter reaches a preset value, it is possible to automatically backflush the membrane surface, the fine particles attached to the surface of the film is discharged through the outfall, the the entire surface is completely clean filter, rinse the whole process takes 3 to 5 minutes.

   household water purifier brand is the key to the election of

   In the United States, Suning, etc.Supermarkets, dozens of water purifier brand at the same time placed in the eyes of consumers, the price from several hundred yuan to several thousand dollars. However, whether it is one hundred yuan a water purifier or a few thousand dollars, marked technical concepts are very attractive. "Activated carbon", "ceramic membrane", "hollow filtration membrane," "pure crystal technology", "digital filtering" see numerous dazzling, people unable to start.

   The survey found that more than 3,000 domestic water purifier brand, only more than a thousand to get a health permit this document, which can continue to provide a stable service brand is less. Tips: consumers buy to buy guaranteed products, after-sales service in place, the industry-leading technology, consumers have more protection.

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