Water purifier market growth triumph behind market sks also

   With the progress of society, rapid economic development, the increasingly serious environmental problems, such as water purifier industry sales gradually reminders hot. But in a time of rapid growth, hidden behind the water purifier market is worrying.

   At present, the popularity of the domestic water purifier has been accelerated increase, however the market by selling water purifiers not all reassuring. We often see some quality, installation and other issues regarding water purifier products in the news media, these bad products to consumers did not bring drinking water health care, but to the lives of consumers bring trouble, water purifiers top ten brand development of the entire water industry, a comprehensive analysis, summarized the existing water purifier consumer issues to remind consumers to pay attention to the following seven aspects of the problem.

   1. The presence of the water purifier market pseudo-environmental protection

   As contamination problem has attracted much attention, low carbon, environmental protection has become an inevitable demand of the times, natural water purification industry keep up the pace of development of the times, we have unfurled the banner of "low-carbon and environmental protection". But in fact last year, the State Administration of Quality Supervision and Quarantine found in the sampling process, there are some brands, product quality problems, but mainly arsenic exceeded, but which also contains a lot of foreign brands. Including a number of foreign well-known brands, including eight companies a total of 11 models of water purifiers in the presence of arsenic exceeding health and safety spot checks, the total number of colonies exceeded and organic removal failure and other issues.

   2. The water purifier Li Gui

   any development of an industry will inevitably attract some opportunistic people to "fishing for money", mainly in the hands and feet on the material, then shoddy, leading to product quality has serious problems. Is no exception, in the case of the current rapid growth of the industry, herd also a large number of brands in the water purifier market, it is recommended to select a range of well-known brand or brands consumers purchase qualification documents, at least, after-sales also to find people.

   and some water purifier manufacturers do not consider the needs of users, mainly "Yihuhuhuapiao" to see the other manufacturers are doing, they would follow suit, but did not consider such machines the main purpose, nor consider the real needs of consumers, to sell directly to consumers at low prices, leading the user to get the hand is not simply the products they want.

   3. Imperfect fitting service

   AccessoriesIs an important part of the whole family "Water Decoration", consumers in the choice of brands in addition to pay attention to the quality, the more you want to pay attention to its after-sales service system is perfect. In fact, the ultimate reference service, advised consumers to pay attention to brand reputation, good word of mouth is one of the conditions a good water purifier brand must have.

   but the situation is not without exception, some of the big brands in the aftermarket also frequently been criticized, especially in the water purifier filter necessary, due to the lack of business in the aftermarket, resulting in a net consumers home water is lost due effect. Like previous "Life Times" has reported that the Angel water purifier after-sales commitment is inconsistent with the event, the industry leader in the aftermarket also failed to perfect.

   4 parts by mass, but off

   is one of the main categories of ultrafiltration water purification products, such machines the main body 304 stainless steel, and 304 stainless steel taking into account many manufacturers of the reason the cost of cutting corners, leading to the stability of the water purifier itself is greatly reduced. And on the gooseneck faucet water purifier, many manufacturers do not adopt good quality copper tubing, leading to cases have occurred in the course of gooseneck faucet leaking, in about a year users, problems continue .

   5. The production process did not guarantee

   superb production technology is the basic guarantee of quality water purifiers, many manufacturers have said they have advanced production lines. But for the water purification industry herd situation, many small factories hardly on the scale of the production line. Therefore, when consumers buy water purifier, not only to look the manufacturing process of water purification, but also asked about the factory site, production equipment and technology division. But the reality is not so, who quickly established Tide water purifier manufacturers, it is difficult to organize in a short time scale of the production line.

   6. Price layers of overweight

   in the water purifier market will often see this phenomenon exists, in order to enhance their sales volume, play ridiculously low prices to attract consumers, by the time consumers buy to install, it requires to charge a fee to install, if consumers choose to install even he did not provide after-sales service, so many consumers have been "slaughtered" feeling. This one-shot deal acts, not only harm the interests of consumers, leaving the water purification industrys reputation damaged.

   7. Installation and service is not professional

   some brands in order to save costs, the installation is to select some scattered guerrilla team, to know the water industry circulating this statement: "Three product quality, seven installation of the product." The importance of demonstration installation. For this reason, spring water purifiers to remind consumers in the purchase of a water purifier manufacturers should pay attention to understand the situation of production and operation, you have your own professional installation team, whether there is a special service departments; pay attention to verify water purification agents qualified businesses, such as saying that foreign brands, ask them to show relevant evidence. Also, pay attention to whether the water purifier has a health document.

   the face of the status quo behind the rapid growth of the water purifier market risk is worrying, and I hope the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, the National Standardization Management Commission to introduce some measures, while the major water purification companies should standardize good itself, improve product technology, improve product quality, and steady production to meet the requirements of water purification products.

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