The path of sustainable development of water purifier manufa

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"positive energy" and "China Dream" for the first time as a new hot vocabulary government report appears in the passage of time is even more intense, these two words for water purification industry is facing new challenges: technological innovation, the adjustment of product structure, expand the channels.


manufacturers need to implement sustainable development strategies

   It is worth pondering, in this mighty "year of transition", all kinds of negative information industry is also prevalent, forgery, near the famous, gimmicks speculation, quality issues, has almost become a new impression of the outside world water purifier industry. In the increasingly fickle water purification industry, the number of manufacturers getting ready for tomorrows development?

   In fact, in environmental policy ever tighter, downstream industries and markets increasingly value environmental performance, industry entered the era of meager profit of the moment, water purification industry is showing a "widening gap" features, many manufacturers lack of long-term planning, what to do to make money, and did not seize the opportunity to make the transformation under weigh the costs and profits upgrade, blindly follow the trend in the absence of technology. This "Zafan Wan" behavior behind, showing the very lack of awareness of "sustainable development" of domestic water purification industry.

   However, a person in charge that, for water purifier manufacturers, the "factory strategy for sustainable development" means water purifier manufacturers in the pursuit of self-survival and sustainable development of the process, it is necessary to consider water purifier manufacturers to achieve business objectives and improve the market position of the manufacturers, but also let the water purifier manufacturers to remain sustained, profitable growth and improve the ability has been leading the field of competition and the future expansion of the business environment, to ensure that the manufacturers for a long enduring in time.

   sustainable development and the size and strength of the manufacturers is not so much because the manufacturers of sustainable development, more is to consider how to achieve healthy and rapid development of the factory, there is likewise relates to improving the efficiency and cost reduction logic. Manufacturers sustainable development is based on the recognition: it is necessary to consider the needs of current development, but also consider the needs of future development; not at the expense of the latter part of the cost, in exchange for development to meet interest.

   at ease doing brand by long-term development

   Thus, manufacturers in the development if there is no awareness of sustainable development and consideration, no long-term layout, lack of long-term planning, holding "a piece" of state of mind to do the manufacturers, not to prepare for future development, so manufacturers do not in developmentOnly inefficient and difficult to solve the problem of waste costs, will be lost, can never be a walk in the forefront of the field, the manufacturers of development is not sustainable.

   Although most of the water purifier manufacturers in China started late, to improve sales through the channel widening may be more urgent than technological innovation, however, the prevailing variety of fraud, near the famous, gimmicks speculation blindly follow the trend of product quality and reduce the practice of sacrifice is undoubtedly the future development and benefits to meet the needs of current practice, the practice of manufacturers of sustainable development is the possibility of cut off, is no more responsible approach. But good news is that with the domestic water purifier brand represents the backbone of the rapid rise, on the one hand they accelerate brand building, such as hire celebrity endorsements, put in CCTV advertising; on the other hand speed up the development of technology, it is easy to see these water purifiers brand manufacturers are practical to do in order to obtain long-term development.

   Summary: In a related policy on water purifier manufacturers more stringent control, the industry reshuffle under the laws of market economy development, forgery, near the famous, gimmicks speculation, blindly follow the trend seems clever, in fact it is in the burn bridges, poisoned the entire industry. Water purifier manufacturers in developing or have a sense of "sustainable development", the only way to apply the strategy of sustainable development to the factory development, while realizing healthy and rapid development of a century to build a water purifier manufacturers, and will not sink among the turbidity.

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