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  Recently, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance jointly issued the "lake water quality is better environmental protection master plan (2013-2020 years)" put forward to protect the ecological environment of the lake, avoid taking the "pollution first, treatment later" formula , 365 lakes will be environmental protection. Water security is becoming a nation of "scourge." Reporters recently in-depth research data issued by various provinces and cities nationwide red alert: half of the top ten river water pollution; state-controlled key pollution of lake water quality four percent; 31 large freshwater lake water quality 17 pollution; nine major bays in Liaodong Bay , poor water quality Bohai Bay and Jiaozhou Bay, Yangtze River Estuary, Hangzhou Bay, Minjiang River Estuary and the Pearl River estuary water quality is poor ...... 鏁戞按绛変簬鏁戞皯 鐜板湪浣犺繕娌℃湁涔板噣姘村櫒鍚楋紵

   deepwater Heiner company under the Shenzhen water Group is a national industry standard "drink straight piping systems technology order "," drinking water quality standards, "the editor of units. Recently, state-owned background Water Group in the "public Water Forum" solemn commitment Shenzhen straight drinking tap water will reach in the near future, is expected to Shenzhen in the original SAR, turn on the tap will be able to drink straight. You belong to a subsidiary of deepwater Heiner Shenzhen Water Groups core business focuses on two aspects: the drinking water, mixed with water-based water engineering design, construction, operation and management of investment projects; to high-end water purifier, direct drinking machine mainly domestic, commercial water treatment equipment research and development, production and sales. Shenzhen and solve the national water safety and health, the current construction of nearly 300 major cities throughout the country, household water purifiers to enhance the peoples quality of drinking water as their responsibility, to solve drinking water safety people currently facing the investment.

   in the history of Beijing, Tianjin and fertilizer and water the United States. Now, investigators appear in the eyes of the scene is how it per capita water resources is only 286 cubic meters, far below the internationally recognized 500 cubic meters per capita "extreme water shortage standards";? Severe overexploitation of groundwater, forming the countrys largest groundwater funnel area; contaminated groundwater accounts for one-third; plain common area rivers drying up, shrinkage of wetlands, functional decline; Haihe river main tributaries are heavily polluted.

   Beijing, Tianjin and so, the country is no different. "2013 China Environmental Bulletin" shows that the country overall light pollution of surface water, where the Yellow River, Huaihe River, Haihe River, Liaohe River, Songhua River five water pollution, groundwater monitoring points nationwide in 4778, about two-thirds of poor and very poor water quality .

   Look lake. With a bulletin shows that state-controlled key lakes, water quality pollutionStained class accounted for 39.3%. 31 large freshwater lakes, 17 moderately polluted or slightly polluted, Lake, Yangcheng Lake, lake, Jingpohu impressively, Dianchi heavy pollution. Moreover, a large natural lakes disappear or reduce a large area, "the largest fresh water lake" Lake and "steaming Yunmeng Ze," the Dongting lake significantly reduced, "namely hydrological situation in the province," the Hubei lakes area dropped, wetlands atrophy.

   The reality is heavy - the 657 cities in the country, there are more than 300 belonging to the UN-Habitat evaluation criteria of "serious shortage" and "dry" city.

   deepwater Heiner Groups constant technological innovation and product upgrading water purification industry in Shenzhen to become the most powerful, technology strongest, the most influential water purifier manufacturers, the introduction of Korean deepwater Heiner Cologne Eaux advanced production technology, production of Chinese water-based high-standard products, making the company highly recognized by the industry. Heiner deep water company in the country with its strong brand strength, domestic production of the highest standards of strength and influence of the top ten brands of domestic water purifier first. It has become: "Vice President of the National Commission on water purification industry", "national housing industry advanced units," national high-tech industrial enterprises, the Ministry of Commerce integrity initiatives unit, the Shenzhen Municipal Environmental Protection Association, the national energy-saving environmental protection industry high standard enterprise "Shenzhen Water purifier industry Association," "national water purifier industry business models." National Advanced Enterprise Friendship with Foreign Countries, South Korea Colognes global best cooperative enterprises, the National Research Center for Water Purifier core material, at present, deepwater Heiner family life has become an indispensable family life brand appliances, household water purifiers, water purifiers kitchen , central water purifiers, water machine, has begun to change the way people existing drinking water

   Department of environmental Protection environmental planning Vice President and Chief Engineer Wang Jinnan said:! "extremely serious situation in the water environment Haihe River basin, everywhere in the development of iron and steel, coal, chemicals, building materials, electricity, paper and high energy consumption, high pollution industry, seeking development, regardless of the environment. "

   worsening water pollution is mostly caused by human factors, it is because people are taking to the excessive nature, making the already scarce and dirty water becomes more scarce and more dirty.

   According to the "National integrated water resources planning" in the nations major rivers and lakes designated 6834 water function area, the chemical oxygen demand, ammonia or 33 percent of the water function areaThe amount of nitrogen pollutants into the river beyond its status quo dirt holding capacity, and its assimilative capacity of 4-5 times, part of the river (segment) even up to 13 times.

   deepwater Heiner people in the water industry, promises "healthy drinking water, from Heiner Start", actively participate in environmental public water utilities, to allow more Chinese people have clean water to make modest. We collect water samples in various counties and cities nationwide, according to different regions, to develop the appropriate water purification solutions. Welcome you to join our team, your local water samples available to us, and together we protect water resources in China.

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