Secret- household water purifiers resolve common faults and

  Secret: household water purifier common faults and their causes resolve Published: at 16:23 on October 16, 2017 Hits: 38 water purifier is a consumable-type appliances, will inevitably encounter some minor problems in use for some time , while those for water purifiers lack of understanding of the consumer, water purifier in the course if there are problems, there is no way to start. Following small talk about the issue several water purifier aftermarket easy encounter. a. Joint leak leakage seepage water purifier for water leakage, substantially "quick connector" associated. This long lasting problem, has become one of the most troublesome problem manufacturers. Such as your newly renovated house, happily bought a new water purifier to come back the next day on the floor "bubble soup," Who would not be angry, do not feel bad. ? But the problem is how to generate quick connector it has the following three reasons: 1. Forget loaded locator card, easy to fall off the tube 2. The ring side one-way squeeze, easy to leak large size tube 3. tolerance, concentric tube not good, Bohou uneven wall, the tube is hot deformation, leading to leakage of water seepage. II. Out of the water smell many consumers happily bought a new water purifier to come back, but in the use of water purifiers, there was the smell of water through the water purifier filter, which is why? Mainly in the following four reasons: 1. The bacteria may be the purifier 2. The material may be a water purifier 3. The lead may be unacceptable for long periods of flushing water purifier formed so that the retentate in the filter element 4. The scale may be no protection liquid in rinse water purifier three. muddy water production, or suspension after use for some time in the water purifier has precipitated out of the water there will be a suspension of a precipitate or the like, do not purifier role yet? This is mainly because the water contains a certain amount of calcium and magnesium ions, or because different regions at different temperatures, precipitation may scale, etc., usually without any harm to the body. But consumers have asked:? Why tap directly out of the tap water will not, but after using the water purifier of this phenomenon but it becomes much larger because the purification of tap water calcium and magnesium ions ago hardness, colloid and so are soluble in water. After purification, the larger the hardness of the water, through the water purifier, the colloid was filtered out, so that the calcium and magnesium ions is insoluble in water. When the cold water calcium and magnesium ions are not apparent, but after the boil, they will float on the surface of the water or submerged in the bottom. thusVisible, as long as we understand the reasons for failure of water purifiers, water purifiers if problems arise in the course, you can find the corresponding solutions for difficult to solve by yourself, you can contact the after-sales service to solve the problem of water purifier . Previous: Beware of water purifier to buy five Lies

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