Water purification equipment to buy three critea- first resu


Water is the source of life. The quality of drinking water quality is closely related to peoples health. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) survey showed that 80 percent of the worlds disease and 50% of child deaths are related to poor water quality and drinking water. Because Chinas water pollution, air pollution, like China too fast, another everyone by surprise. We can not live without water, but we continue to develop the process of industrialization and allows water around gradually lose vitality of the past ......


With the rapid development of Chinese economy, the problem of water pollution is also generated by the process of industrialization Aoyama clear water has become a luxury to let people, according to the latest "report on the protection of drinking water safety in the case of the State Council" shows that China as well as the total population of 298 million and 114 000 rural schools, the presence of water insecurity. From a structural point of view ingredients, quality is not up population accounts for 56.2%, water shortage, convenience and guaranteed rate of non-compliance of the population accounted for 43.8%. National demand for a clean drinking water assured spawned rapid development of water purification market.


on the current water purification products are numerous, purification methods also vary, according to Ovid Consulting (AVC) data show that the current traditional water dispenser products in the market is still relatively high, accounting for 41.1%, but the presentation rapid decline, compared with the emerging pure water, water purification machines, water dispensers currently 54.7% market share, accounting for the rise. Needless to say, pure water, water purification machines, drinking water is the most competitive market, how to choose their own home water purifier?


select a scale: Purification of


Purification techniques currently mainstream water purification equipment mainly activated carbon adsorption purification, ultraviolet purification, purification microfiltration, ultrafiltration purification, five kinds of Reverse Osmosis, of course, also the use of composite water filter purification methods, wherein the ultraviolet purification equipment used alone less, because ultraviolet radiation can destroy some bacteria, but not filter impurities.


If the water situation in the areas where the consumer is better just to improve the taste, reduce secondary pollution of tap water pipelines, you can select charcoal or microfiltration water purifier, currently in some countries in Europe and America the demand for this type of water purifier more. However, if consumers living area where there is sewage contamination of the enterprise, it was suggested the choice of ultrafiltration or reverse osmosis water purifier, of course, because of this filtering technologySmaller diameter filter impurities, while filtering harmful metals and bacteria, will filter out some of the beneficial minerals.


to select Ruler two: cost


In fact, for those consumers need not fear the loss of minerals in drinking water, because the vast majority of the human body needs minerals from our food we should be concerned about is the cost to purchase the water purifier. Cost of using water purifiers are mainly of two parts, one is the cost of replacement filters, filter elements, because there are more such supplies replacement cycle duration is three months or as long as a year, to share the daily, the cost can still accepted; the second is the rate of waste water purifiers, that we each get one liter of clean water required number of liters of raw water, the majority of ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis water purifier waste water rate is about 70%, an average of 1 liter of clean 4 liters of water to the raw water, especially after the implementation of the price ladder in the major cities, the cost of making many consumers can not accept. Currently, to reduce the cost of ownership through improved reverse osmosis water purification technology is an important subject of water purifier manufacturers.


three selected scale: secondary pollution


Many water purification water tank are built, is, to a good purified water stored in a metallic or ceramic vessel which, at any time for consumers use. However, no matter what kind of purification methods and equipment complete purification of long-term storage of clean water in the storage tank which will reduce secondary pollution or water quality, so you can ensure that traffic without water storage tank with a water purifier market is the future mainstream.


According to the above criteria, according to their actual usage, you can choose to live in their own water purifier areas, of course, when choosing carefully read the product parameters, choose well-known brand is also necessary to ensure that.

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