Water purification Agent how to improve customer loyalty

   Customer retention rates have been one of the problems is water purification agents terminal stores operated by franchisees more concerned about, after the customer experience feel satisfied, will come back later whether or introduce friends and family to come to buy our stuff? the answer is not necessarily the only customers trust our brand will go back, then how to do in order to promote customer loyalty to our brand? Xiao Bian collect water purifiers integrate many agents franchisees years of experience, summed up in the following three points here, hope help agent makers.

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   First of all, remember that the customer proxy franchisees appearance and related features, customers would like to think, to communicate with customers, how many other things like chat topic and happy

   [ 123] each customer into the store when they stepped into the shop of that step will be carefully looked at him remember his looks or his features, when customers come in next time, recognize him, even one day encounter on the road , be sure and he nodded and smiled and said "hello" and the customer will naturally nod. "A resuscitation, two back cooked" so that customers feel that you are trustworthy person.

   Secondly, the proposed proxy franchisees build customer files, to provide customers with a better one on one "warm heart"


   customer files to store the old customers is especially important to maintain, for store in terms of number of customers must be increased, reasonable remember each customers information material, in order for the customer service process to be more careful and targeted marketing is also more likely to succeed.

   Finally, the agent franchisee to provide timely information and new incentives for customers

   continue to provide product information to customers, so that customers know the stores products have been updated to increase the customer to shop identity; preferential transfer information, it is more directly increase customer into the store and consumption.

   in the water purifier small series, the terminal stores how to improve customer loyalty is briefly summarized in one sentence: "meticulous determine success or failure."

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