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   In recent years, the water purification industry competition, major companies want to share this big cake. With the increasingly narrow market space, water purifiers, companies are turning to three or four lines from a second-tier cities. Although there has been a lot of water purifier business success in a second-tier cities, but in three or four lines to open up the market process, not simply copy the successful experience of a second-tier cities, still at every step.




tier "market war" broke out copies of business experience in water purifier is not feasible

   three or four lines into a "Blue Ocean" should be close to the consumer demand

   water purifier developed rapidly after the beginning of the last century into the 1990s China. Although the water purification industry had been embroiled in a recession, but as consumers increasingly serious water pollution and its gradual recognition, its market prospects are very bright. In recent years, the water purification industry is the rapid development of the various water purifier companies have moved to seize a second-tier market.

   Now, a second-tier market has become saturated. In the increasingly intense competition in the water purifier market, the four-tier market will be an urgent need to develop blue ocean market. How to attract consumers in this area, how to channel three or four lines of good, strong water purifier business is a problem that must be considered. Face three or four lines this piece of "Blue Ocean", water purifier business should be based on local consumer demand as the starting point. Three or four lines market itself, the market capacity is limited, water purifier companies need to grasp the core elements, namely close to consumer demand.

   can not be copied a second-line still at every step

   deep water purifier enterprise wide three or four markets is the only way for future development. In a second-tier cities more competitive and water purification products market increasingly saturated, the water purifier enterprises to change over time, adjust its strategy to enter the market three or four lines, and serious consideration into three or four lines market and output ratio. If the water purifier business simply copy a successful experience second-tier market, it will inevitably lead to pointless policy. Therefore, the issue of expansion of three or four markets, companies need a water purifier spirit every step of the strategy, in accordance with the existing channel management model, do not blindly expand.

   At the same time, water purifier enterprises to develop the characteristics of each regional market differentiated products and marketing strategies, and put more energy and resources, to dare to take a sufficient number of "tuition" onlyThere are way to the final in these regional markets everywhere, Jiangong Li. In this process, water purifier companies need to "close" the four-tier consumer market demand, the only way to be invincible in the fierce competition.

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